IMTS 2018 Conference: Innovations in Precision Bore Finishing

IMTS 2018 Conference: Innovations in Precision Bore Finishing

How advancements in honing and lapping take today’s bore tolerances to new levels.


About the presentation:
Honing and lapping have been widely thought of as manual, low production processes, highly dependent on skilled operators. But today’s honing and lapping systems are anything but that…they are highly automated and produce consistent, repeatable bore geometry with tolerances almost too small to measure.

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This presentation will discuss the rapid advances in honing and lapping, including bore geometry, surface tribology (plateau finishes, bearing ratios), burr conditions (torn and folded metal) and edge condition, among others.

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Meet your presenter
Dennis Westhoff is a 21 year veteran of Sunnen Products Company where he has worked in various roles throughout the organization including Design Engineer, Technical Services Manager, Applications Specialist, Product Manager and his current role as Business Development Manager.  His knowledge of honing and lapping spans numerous industries and product applications both in the US and abroad. Westhoff has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri.