Process Innovations: Smart Controller to Optimize the Machining Processes

Process Innovations: Smart Controller to Optimize the Machining Processes

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Chicago, Illinois - The regenerative chatter phenomenon is a very important problem that limits the material removal rate (MRR) in milling and turning operations. A large quantity of material needs to be removed from the structural components in titanium typical of the aerospace industry. If the depth of cut is increased beyond the limit value, high vibrations occur and the process becomes unstable. In this case, the operator safety gets worse, the spindle bearings are subjected to damages, the workpiece surface quality becomes unacceptable and the tool wear increases with the risk of breakage. 

Mandelli Sistemi is developing a smart controller which recognizes the instability of the process and implements the most suitable techniques in order to suppress the chatter vibrations without limiting the machine performances and assuring the required MRR. The fusion of the data of the multiple sensors placed on the machine allows the identification of the machining status, the algorithm analyzes the signals and implements the best solution in order to work in stable conditions. The smart controller automatically modifies the cutting parameters: the spindle speed is changed with a sinusoidal law or is set to an optimum value. If necessary, concentrated damping elements are also activated by the controller to dissipate the vibration energy. 

This presentation will show the results of the smart controller used in real industrial scenarios.

About the speaker

Marco Colombi received his degree in mechanics in 2004 at Politecnico di Milano. He started his working career with a brief experience as a researcher in Politecnico di Milano (Structural Engineering Department). After that, he worked for a company producing harbor fork lifts developing structural calculations. In 2006, he came in Mandelli Sistemi SpA dealing with automatic programming and machining simulation exploring the field of aerospace hard-to-machine metals like titanium-based and nickel-based alloys. Starting from 2014 he is head of the Sales Department.

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