IIC 2018 Conference: How the Future is Held Together with Applied Expansion Technology

IIC 2018 Conference: How the Future is Held Together with Applied Expansion Technology

Learn how applied expansion technology will advance precision workholding to improve production quality


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About the topic

With all of the talk about Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) it is easy to get excited about the possibilities the future has to offer. All of the innovation in manufacturing throughout the years has resulted in more production with higher quality. The limits on what is considered precise have constantly been improving. While Industry 4.0 focuses on adding more tracking and data to improve manufacturing, it will accomplish the same goal of more production at a higher quality. The way that it will accomplish this is with intent. Engineers and managers will be able to make decisions with more intent based on the information at hand. Another technology that will advance manufacturing through intent is applied expansion technology for ID/OD clamping.

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Applied expansion technology has the ability to provide the highest level of accuracy in part/tool locating and holding. With repeat accuracy in the 0.003mm range, applied expansion technology will advance precision workholding to improve production quality as manufacturing becomes more sophisticated. From applications in the aerospace industry to the energy sector, by designing fixturing with intent, manufacturers will achieve tighter tolerances and produce superior products. Engineered solutions for part holding, whether mechanical or hydraulic, will become more common in the manufacturing environment, just like connectivity; both pursuing the goal of higher output while redefining precision.

Meet your presenter

Jeff Wills graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2013 with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. During this time he also worked at the Institute Machine Shop helping design, machine, and assemble projects for his fellow students. Following graduation, Wills gained industry experience at a small company designing and manufacturing industrial machinery for the plastics industry. From there he joined Schunk in 2016 and works in the Toolholding department focusing on custom engineered solutions using Schunk’s hydraulic expansion technology.