Hybrid grinding, eroding

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Modular boring systems; Twin-spindle lathe.

November 26, 2019

The VHybrid 360 grinding and electrical discharge machining (EDM) erosion machine can process solid carbide or polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools such as drills, milling cutters, or reamers in one setup.

Two vertical spindles in the C-axis pivot point allow high profile accuracy, and the shorter linear-axis travel reduces machining times. The bottom spindle can perform grinding and eroding, while the top spindle is reserved for grinding.

A range of automatic settings enable unmanned use of the machine. With the Vollmer tool manager, users can intuitively manage automatic switching of up to eight grinding or eroding wheels.

Vollmer of America Corp.

Modular boring systems

The Wohlhaupter modular boring line includes the Vario-Bore, Alu-Line, Combi-Line, and vibration-dampened NOVITECH intermediate modules.

  • Vario-Bore head – Offers easy, accurate adjustment; stand-alone or used with a docking port for universal digital module; 0.0001" (0.002mm) accuracy on diameter
  • Alu-Line – Lightweight rough, finish boring tools offer a diameter range from 2.56" to 128.15" (65mm to 3,255mm)
  • Combi-Line – Boring tools perform rough, finish operations with a single tool, reducing cycle time, inventory cost
  • NOVITECH – Vibration dampers reduce chatter in extended-reach applications; increase productivity, surface quality, process reliability; Multi-Bore connection (MVS) simplifies use with Wohlhaupter components

Allied Machine and Engineering

Twin-spindle lathe

The Muratec MW40 turning center offers accurate part processing and fast solutions for manufacturing fasteners and connectors. Built for precision, the MW40 can machine small parts, holding a tolerance less than 6µm.

Rugged and optimized to provide minimal thermal displacement during operation, the MW40 has a twin-spindle design for simultaneous or multiple operations from a single, self-contained, compact source.

The MW40 can also be engineered to include an optional single- or twin-gantry robot loader and live tooling with full C- and Y-axis milling capabilities on both turrets for automated production of complex parts.

Murata Machinery USA Inc.