Helical milling cutter

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August 16, 2018

Modern aircraft manufacturing requires high metal removal rates while maintaining excellent tool life. Tools that can withstand higher cutting speeds but lower machining forces will reduce wear on machine components during extreme cutting.

Whether pocketing or profiling, the Harvi Ultra 8X consistently removes up to 20in3 (328cm3) of Ti-6Al-4V per minute while attaining 60 minutes of tool life per cutting edge.

The flutes and the coolant nozzles maximize chip flow. The KCSM40 grade is for high-temp alloys, and additional grades are available for other materials. Double-sided inserts lower cost per edge, increasing speeds and feeds.

Variable-helix geometry reduces vibration. Using 12mm and 10mm inserts results in more inserts in the cutter body, more inserts engaged in the workpiece, and more inserts to absorb the pounding of heavy machining.

Kennametal Inc.
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