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Portable drill and tap machine; High-speed, ultra-precision spindle with coolant through.

May 2, 2022

Photos credit: Capture 3D

The Zeiss T-SCAN hawk handheld 3D scanner offers GOM Inspect 3D inspection software, integrated photogrammetry, multiple laser sources, and three application-focused scanning modes, providing the flexibility needed to accomplish various diverse tasks, including aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) defect inspection, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, quality control, and reverse engineering.

Key technical features provide flexibility to fulfill various purposes, including large-object photogrammetry, multiple laser sources, and three application-focused scanning modes. Additionally, the scanner uses dynamic referencing to collect 3D scan data on moving or vibrating objects, so users aren’t limited to stationary or still objects.

The lightweight, mobile, handheld 3D scanner’s portability enables inspection in tight places too difficult to fit a full-sized 3D measurement machine, such as an aircraft engine to inspect defects, wear, and damage.

The scanner requires minimal setup, allowing scanning to begin in minutes. GOM Inspect software guides the user through the entire workflow of scanning, probing, and inspecting, speeding the process. Users with industry-specific applications such as MRO experience increased efficiency with the scanner’s ability to match actual part data instantly and visibly with nominal CAD.

GOM Inspect software facilitates the scanner’s complete workflow from scanning to reporting. During data acquisition with the scanner, the software displays the 3D data instantaneously throughout the workflow, making it possible to see high-quality data results in real-time. GOM Inspect software features support the entire inspection process, from scanning to mesh editing, CAD import, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and trend analyses, digital assembly, and dimensional inspection.

The scanner projects a scanning area of 550mm x 600mm with 14 crossed red laser lines for general scanning tasks, providing fast 3D digitizing; four parallel blue lines for fine details; and a single red laser line for scanning in deep pockets or other hard to reach areas. The scanning resolution is 0.05mm with multiple scan lines and 0.01mm with the single red line.

Capture 3D

Portable drill and tap machine

Photo credit: Zagar Inc.

The CNC Z-Mag Drill-Tap-Machine (DTM) for remote hole-making operations is for metal removal that must be done on location due to structures that are permanently installed or too large to move. The DTM uses an electromagnetic base with 5,000 lb of hold-down force and can be used on any type of ferrous steel for drilling, tapping, reaming, and combination tooling with programmable feeds, speeds, dwells, and peck cycles. Once in position, the operator can safely and ergonomically operate the unit.

The unit accommodates different height applications with an available 13" of stroke, 1,300 lb of thrust, and spindle speeds up to 3,000rpm. Using an HSK-style spindle adapter, operators can use a variety of HSK tool holders. The cast iron frame, linear rail system, and precision ball-screw feed system provide a solid foundation for light roughing to finishing. Using the handheld human machine interface (HMI), the operator can control the unit with touch-screen controls and program and run all operations. The unit has a servo feed motor for consistent feed rates and precise hole depths. The hold-in-place solution is suited for carbide cutting tools.

Zagar Inc.

High-speed, ultra-precision spindle with coolant through

The high-speed, ultra-precision CTS-3030 spindle seamlessly transports coolant through the cutting tool, resulting in superior hole quality and increased productivity.

The high-speed spindle offers drilling depths up to 20xD for shank sizes 3.0mm, 3.175mm, and 4.0mm, and offers variable speed up to 30,000rpm, allowing for faster cycle times and longer tool life.

The spindle also allows for smaller, more manageable chips for better chip flow, spindle accuracy within 1µm, and eliminates the need for secondary drilling operations.

NSK America Corp.