GWS Tool Group acquires CJT Koolcarb, GenHam Diamond Tooling

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Beckwood delivers titanium hot forming press; Seco Tools, Fusion Coolant Systems partner for environmental sustainability.

May 10, 2021

Tavares, Florida-based GWS Tool Group acquired CJT Koolcarb Inc. and its polycrystalline diamond (PCD) operating subsidiary, GenHam Diamond Tools, furthering GWS’ product capabilities in holemaking, brazed construction carbide tools, and PCD round tools.

Carol Stream, Illinois-based, CJT makes carbide and carbide-tipped drills and reamers for aerospace and automotive companies. CJT’s subsidiary, GenHam Diamond Tools in Montrose, Colorado, adds custom PCD-tipped round tools for non-ferrous and composite machining to GWS’ offerings.

This is the second acquisition in 2021 for GWS Tool Group, which acquired Taurus Tool & Engineering in January, following three previous acquisitions in 2020.

Located near Batavia, Illinois, Taurus manufactures precision custom cutting tools, including complex HSS and carbide step tools, custom thread-on modular tooling, and combination tools that eliminate multi-tool operations.

Beckwood delivers titanium hot forming press

Beckwood Press Co. recently delivered a 400-ton hydraulic hot forming press to a major supplier of titanium aerospace structural components in the U.S. Midwest.

Featuring 48" x 96" platens capable of reaching temperatures up to 1,800°F via multi-zone electric cartridge heaters, the press has automated, insulated doors on the front and rear of the press preventing heat loss during the cycle and facilitating safe part loading and unloading. Hinged access doors on each side allow for periodic progress monitoring. Beckwood’s Active Leveling Control (ALC) system maintains ±0.004" bed-to-ram parallelism despite off-center loading or die warpage due to high temperatures.

This is the second titanium hot forming press installed at this location since 2017.

Seco Tools, Fusion Coolant Systems partner for environmental sustainability

To become more sustainable in its machining practices, Seco Tools has partnered with Fusion Coolant Systems, developers of an environmentally friendly coolant technology that can lower carbon footprint while increasing performance. Fusion’s systems use supercritical carbon dioxide with little or no oil to achieve tool life and performance improvements, and health, safety, and environmental benefits.

Brian Ahlborn, CEO of Fusion Coolant Systems, says, “The Seco team has worked to exploit this technology in their tooling on applications that have now been running for several years in several industries. Our relationship has grown naturally, helping customers solve complex problems.”

Seco Tools North America President Rob Keenan says, “We’ve had a working relationship with Fusion Coolant Systems for many years. So, it really was just a natural transition to formalize this partnership.”