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All-in-one measuring system.

May 20, 2022

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The 300GMS nano gear metrology center covers modern gear inspection capabilities, fine pitch gear inspection, and CMM measurement. Users can measure surface finish at sub-micron level with a skidless probe; analyze waviness for profile, lead, and pitch; and execute noise analysis with sophisticated software tools. The 300GMS is equipped with high accuracy scanning probes including a stylus calibration library, and integrates 3D measurement and analysis capabilities typically offered by a CMM.

The system also inspects gear cutting tools including hobs, power skiving, shaper and shaving cutters, bevel cutter stick blades, most broaches, and rack cutting tools. It enables users to record video memos, leave voice messages, monitor environmental conditions, and read bar and QR code information directly into the machine.

The machine uses GAMA 3.2 applications and control software for easy connection to customers’ servers. GAMA also includes data acquisition software and Gleason Connect Remote Support Services.

The GRSL gear rolling system with integrated laser technology offers in-process inspection for 100% gear production in applications requiring high-speed, high-volume testing. It provides double flank roll testing and laser inspection to provide measurement within seconds on all teeth. GRSL is available in manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic configurations and measures external cylindrical gears up to 250mm in diameter and ranging from 0.4 to 7.2 module. It provides analytical output on all teeth for profile, lead, and index with functional characteristics including nick detection, total composite variation, total runout, tooth to tooth average, dimensions over pins (DOP), average circular tooth thickness, and more. Capabilities also include integrated gear noise analysis tools.

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All-in-one measuring system

The RTX Roundtracer Extreme system integrates roundness, contour, and surface roughness measurement functions in a single platform to save time and improve productivity. It uses speed, accuracy, and operability at the highest level to measure a wide variety of workpieces with various geometries.

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