Feed Rate Optimization: Putting Technology to Work for Better, Faster Parts

Feed Rate Optimization: Putting Technology to Work for Better, Faster Parts

Attend this free webinar June 19, 2019 – 2pm EDT (11am PDT) brought to you by Aerospace Manufacturing and Design and CGTech, makers of Vericut software.


There is tremendous pressure on machined parts suppliers to deliver more for less, and always on time. Physics-based feed rate optimization enables shops to spend minimal time preparing highly optimized toolpaths that run smoother and deliver big savings at the machine. Feed rate optimization software determines the maximum reliable feed rate for cutting conditions encountered (in simulation), and calculates feed rates to remove material under ideal conditions. In addition to reducing machining times, machined surface quality and tool life are also improved. Using feed rate optimization software that is independent of your CAM system(s) provides the ability to optimize new and existing or legacy NC programs, so they all cut as efficiently as if they were created by a machining expert.

Key points:

  • Discover how feed rate optimization software speeds machining and creates a more efficient manufacturing environment
  • See how feed rate optimization reduces machining times by as much as 30-70%
  • Learn what every machine tool and cutting tool manufacturer wants you to know - how to use their products optimally
  • Learn how this software can be a great benefit to all NC programmers (experienced, novice, or in between)
  • Hear how major Aerospace companies use this technology to make better parts faster, even those made from hard or difficult to machine materials

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