Eriez metalworking demo truck kicks off 2018 tour

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Solar Atmospheres of California completes facility expansion; CGTech celebrates 30 years.

February 27, 2018

Eriez metalworking’s demo truck with a 24ft equipment showroom is travelling across North America to deliver hands-on training to customers and distributors.

The truck houses many of Eriez’ magnetic and vibratory material handling products as well as equipment from the company’s HydroFlow fluid recycling and fluid filtration lines. Demonstrations and workshops help participants find economical, effective solutions to material handling, fluid recycling, and filtration challenges – in their own parking lots.

An interactive learning center allows team members to customize drawings and fulfill customer requests. An on-board database provides access to Eriez brochures, photos, and video presentations.

The demo truck has logged more than 130,000 miles since its 2014 debut, visiting 41 states and four Canadian provinces. Approximately 3,500 participants have climbed aboard during the truck’s more than 1,000 visits.

View a schedule of planned 2018 visits at

Solar Atmospheres of California completes facility expansion

Solar Atmospheres of California (SCA) has expanded its facility, doubling heat-treating capacity on the West Coast. Project expansion at the Fontana, California, facility began in July 2016 with ground breaking for a 25,000ft2 building. Upon building completion in July 2017, SCA procured an additional four vacuum furnaces from sister company Solar Manufacturing (SMI) in Souderton, Pennsylvania.

Vacuum heat-treating equipment includes a high-pressure vacuum gas carburizing furnace with 3ft x 3ft x 4ft hot zone and 7,000 lb max. load capacity and a similar furnace with 4ft x 4ft x 6ft/15,000 lb capacity.

Another furnace offers an all-moly hot zone and external gas quench system for optimized sustained high-vacuum processing of sensitive materials. The long, horizontal car-bottom furnace offers a hot zone capacity of 8ft x 8ft x 24ft/150,000 lb.

CGTech celebrates 30 years

Irvine, California-headquartered CGTech, developer of Vericut software, is celebrating three decades in business.

Vericut software was one of the first widely available methods to test NC machine tool paths in an off-line virtual- reality environment by simulating material removal using a three-dimensional solid model.

Enhancements support complex multi-axis kinematics, reduce machine tool cycle times, increase tool life, and simulate additive capabilities of hybrid CNC machines. CGTech also develops software for companies using automated composite machinery, along with drilling and fastening machines used for airframe assembly.