EmbraerX unveils urban air mobility concept vehicle

EmbraerX unveils urban air mobility concept vehicle

Electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle is collaborative effort with Uber.


EmbraerX unveiled a new electric flying vehicle concept during Uber Elevate Summit 2019 in Washington, D.C. The event convenes a global community of manufacturers, investors, policymakers, and government officials, all working to make the urban aerial ridesharing vision a reality. EmbraerX is part of the Uber Elevate Network, dedicated to co-creating the future of on-demand urban air transportation.

The aircraft concept, with electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) capability, is part of a collaborative effort to enable and accelerate the urban mobility ecosystem.

EmbraerX’s human-centric approach has been instrumental in the eVTOL project, focused on user experience and passenger peace of mind, with the goal of making the aircraft easily accessible to every person.

“As a market accelerator committed to developing solutions to transform life’s experiences, we have been combining human-centered design thinking with our 50-year history of building and engineering expertise in a unique manner. These are the factors behind the technical progress and leading-edge innovations we are bringing to this new eVTOL concept,” said EmbraerX President & CEO Antonio Campello.

This new aircraft concept results from a broad range of tests and simulations, aiming at operational optimization for the urban environment, considering high reliability, low operating costs, a lower noise footprint, fully electric powered, and progressively autonomous.

"Embraer's team focused on the customer experience with their latest vehicle concept, using built-in redundant systems to achieve optimal safety, while also achieving low noise output with an eight-rotor system, which enables span-wise lift. Our team looks forward to continued collaboration with the Embraer team to achieve a quiet, green, and safe, aerial ridesharing vehicle," said Mark Moore, Uber’s engineering director of aviation.

EmbraerX is a market accelerator based in Melbourne, Florida, with outposts in Silicon Valley, California, and Boston, Massachusetts, and integrated with parent company Embraer’s engineering team in Brazil.