Eco-friendly surface prep, rust prevention

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Spray cans use air instead of flammable propellants.

September 27, 2019

EcoAir surface prep and rust prevention products are packaged in eco-friendly, bag-on-valve spray cans powered by air instead of flammable propellants. The line includes options for bio-based rust removal, water-based void space protection, and water-based cleaning/degreasing with flash rust protection.

Revamped package design and labeling make it straightforward and easy for users to know how each product is applied and whether it is intended to clean, protect, and/or preserve metals. The portable cans are convenient for maintenance personnel, production employees, or preservation specialists to use for cleanup, rust removal, and rust prevention around the shop, on the production floor, or in remote preservation conditions where electrical-powered application equipment may not be an option.

Cortec Corp.

EcoAir line

  • BioCorr Biobased Rust Preventative – Leaves unnoticeable, dry protective film on metal surfaces
  • 325 Tool & Die Rust Preventative – No need to remove before using mold
  • 337 Void Space Rust Preventative – Can be fogged inside an enclosure; diffuses throughout the space, forms protective molecular layer on metal surfaces
  • 377 Multi-Metal Rust Preventative – Water- based, easy-to-remove, dry protective film
  • 414 Cleaner/Degreaser – Quick surface rinse, includes flash rust protection
  • 422 Biobased Rust Remover – 15minutes to 30 minutes for rust removal
  • 423 Biobased Rust Remover – Gel, removes rust from vertical surfaces