Double-column-bridge machining centers

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Ceramic end mills; Handheld surface gage; Punch tap technology; Cross bore deburring; Cylindrical grinding machine; Quick-change chuck; Thread milling tool; Gantry machines; Sandblasting systems; Roughing tools; Grip force analyzer software; 7-axis Swiss-type CNC lathe; Metrology gage; Ceramic insert grades; Tool monitoring adaptive control system; Sealed chuck; Rotary axis software; External thread-turning two-connection toolholder; Mill-turn control with touch technology; Steel cabinets; CNC tool grinding machine; Tool presetting, measuring.

August 16, 2018

The BX50i (X, Y, Z travels: 37.4" x 53.2" x 23.6") and BX60i (X, Y, Z travels: 52.1" x 63" x 27.6") CNC machine series is for high-speed machining applications that require tighter tolerances.

A double-column design minimizes machine distortion and thermal deformation. The BX50i bridge’s ladder design supports the head casting, and the spindle center line is closer to the supporting structure for increased rigidity.

Integrated UltiMotion control determines the optimal trajectory to run the tool and provides consistent programmed feedrates and reduces cycle time. With UltiMotion, cornering velocity is 2.5x faster than conventional motion, and machine jerk is reduced by half.

Hurco Companies Inc.
IMTS 2018 Booth #338319

Ceramic end mills

SolidMeister family of solid end mills include FeedMeister solid ceramic end mills. Due to their high thermal resistance, FeedMeister ceramic end mills enable super high-speed milling.

Solid end mill applications are expanding as components are becoming more complex and miniaturized using diverse, difficult-to-cut materials such as heat-resistant superalloys (HRSAs).

Tungaloy America Inc.
IMTS 2018 Booth #431822

Handheld surface gage

The 4D InSpec surface gage handheld, non-contact instrument measures surface defects and features micrometer-level resolution.

Capable of rapid, portable measurement despite vibration and noise, quality personnel using the 4D InSpec can take repeatable, high resolution surface measurements in factory floor, machine shop, and field service environments.

Users can directly inspect workpieces for defects and fine features on the shop floor. Rugged and lightweight, the handheld gage measures surface defects between 0.0002" to 0.1000" (5µm to 2.5mm) deep or tall on various part geometries. It can access tight corners or reach across large surfaces. Fold mirror attachments allow borescope-like access to features without direct line of sight.

4D Technology Corp.
IMTS 2018 Booth #122007

Punch tap technology

The Punch Tap tool for helical thread forming in cast and wrought aluminum alloys provides a shortened tool path for producing internal threads in less than half a second, lowering energy consumption during machining and reducing threading time by 75%.

Made from an HSSE-PM alloy optimized for toughness and long wear, unique teeth geometry produces threads in a single step. Two rows of flutes are off-set 180° from each other and extending in a helical curve down to the usable application depth. This design enables an efficient tool path approximately 15x shorter for a M6 thread with a depth of 15mm.

They are used for blind and through-holes and produce metric threads from M4 to M8 with thread depths up to 3xD (inch sizes are also available from No. 8 to 5/16).

Emuge Corp.
IMTS 2018 Booth #431536

Cross bore deburring

COFA tools provide front and back deburring on even and uneven surfaces, speeding production and reducing costs on jobs that previously required manual deburring of hard-to-reach cross bores.

The standard tool easily solves production problems for most manufacturers who are looking to automate cross-bore deburring processes. Because it is suitable for all ranges of machine materials and surfaces (including sloped bores), COFA is suitable for forks, yokes, common rails, castings, tubes with cross bores, and other workpieces with cross bores in main bores.

Heule Precision Tools
IMTS 2018 Booth #431352

Cylindrical grinding machine

The Favorit, with a center distance of 1,600mm (63"), is a CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine for single parts and series production and can be fitted with automation. With optional measuring controls, balancing systems, contact detection, and longitudinal positioning, it can adapt other grinding tasks.

A solid Granitan bed offers maximum precision, performance, and safety. The wheelhead, which can be automatically positioned every 3°, accommodates a belt-driven external and internal grinding spindle.

With Studer pictogramming software, users can program grinding and dressing cycles quickly. StuderGRIND software, with special applications such as profiling the grinding wheel for complex workpiece shapes, is optional.

United Grinding North America
IMTS 2018 Booth #236802

Quick-change chuck

The centroteX system enables changeover of the entire chuck, increasing the range of part diameters that can be machined. Workholding devices quickly mount on multiple milling and turning machines.

A precision-machined adaptor/flange plate is aligned with centreX interface, equipped with a bayonet mount and a drawtube adapter to accommodate various chucks and holding devices that are connected and locked by six fasteners. Changeover time is typically less than 6 minutes, while maintaining repeatability and changeover accuracy of <0.002mm.

Customized to hold chucks or other equipment when not in use, the clamping device container moves on heavy-duty casters and features a retractable hood to shut out contaminants.

Hainbuch America Corp.
IMTS 2018 Booth #431636

Thread milling tool

The solid carbide thread milling tool (TMDR) for drilling, thread milling, and chamfering does not require pre-drilled holes and works immediately on the surface of the component to improve cycle time and productivity. It can work on components with pre-drilled holes such as blind holes, through holes, and semi-finished holes.

TMDR tools are offered for full-profile applications, with and without coolant, and are suitable for steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous metals.

Vargus USA
IMTS 2018 Booth #432251

Gantry machines

The DMU 200 Gantry and DMU 340 Gantry are for universal applications of large components, providing 5-axis simultaneous machining on large work areas in small spaces.

The DMU 200 Gantry offers 5-axis machining up to 30,000rpm. With optional Ultrasonic or Lasertec technology integration, more complex components weighing up to 22,046 lb can be machined economically.

The DMU 340 Gantry’s work area measures 134" x 110" x 49", expandable to 236" in the X-axis and 59" in the Z-axis, while still maintaing compact dimensions.

IMTS 2018 Booth #338900

Sandblasting systems

The manual MicroBlasting system will be available for demonstration at IMTS 2018. The system features the AccuFlo and the ProCenter Plus. When knives, tumblers, or chemicals are too risky, micro-precision sandblasting provides a safe alternative for refining small, high-value parts. MicroBlasting systems use very fine abrasives, miniature nozzles, and a patented abrasive feed for removing conformal coating, deburring cross-drilled holes, texturing titanium, and processing intricate and delicate parts. The process transitions from manual to automated applications.

Comco Inc.
IMTS 2018 Booth #237238

Roughing tools

Aluminum rougher end mills are available in 2- and 3-flute configurations offering high material removal rates and are optimized to slot 30% faster than standard AF tooling. The coolant-through design guides coolant directly at the cutting-edge, aiding in removing chips and heat.

LMT Onsrud

Grip force analyzer software

Available in Windows OSP and desktop versions, the Digital Grip Force Analyzer software and kit measures, records, and plots live real-time data for process analysis, safety analysis, and maintenance analysis.

By measuring, analyzing, and sharing grip force data from workholding processes and equipment, machining operations can determine how to improve or replace inefficient workholding systems. The software outputs an Excel spreadsheet, showing grip force and other testing data and a chart graphically detailing information for smart applications.

Regular and scheduled maintenance with Kitagawa’s Tri-Kote lubricant maintains proper force. Frequently greasing the chuck system with the lubricant allows optimized chuck maintance.

Kitagawa-NorthTech Inc.
IMTS 2018 Booth #432312

7-axis Swiss-type CNC lathe

The SG-20 Swiss-type CNC lathe reduces cycle times with an independent back tool post and full X- and Z-axis movement for the sub-spindle.

With a capacity of 21 tools, the machine allows more jobs to be finished in one setup. Converting to chucker mode, it cuts down on bar remnant waste and avoids expensive ground bar stock.

Direct C-axis indexing enables deceleration to the chosen index position directly, without the need to home return, reducing spindle indexing time.

Cubic Machinery Inc.
IMTS 2018 Booth #339163

Metrology gage

The Beta LaserMike Z-Mike Pro Gage offers accuracy, reliability, and repeatability of OD, ovality, taper, TIR, runout, and effective cutting diameter. It is ready for service in Industry 4.0 facilities with expanded connectivity, communication, and control capabilities.

With 0.5µm accuracy and 0.13µm repeatability, the gage delivers superior quality products. Z-Mike Pro offers versatility across demanding measurement applications.

The gage is available in two models to measure products up to 50mm. Ethernet and USB connectivity simplifies integration into centralized production networks and other devices. Ready-to-mount modular fixtures hold workpieces ranging from simple manual fixtures to fully automated and intelligent fixtures.

Beta LaserMike
IMTS 2018 Booth #135911

Ceramic insert grades

CC6220 and CC6230 ceramic insert grades – for high-speed, high-security turning on heat-resistant superalloy (HRSA) materials – machine demanding materials where whisker ceramics and SiAlONs fall short. Able to handle higher cutting speeds, they reduce cost per component without compromising quality.

Although powder metallurgic materials can be tailored to handle substantially higher temperatures, they are more difficult to machine than common HRSAs.

Along with productivity improvements of more than 50% compared to whisker ceramics and SiAlONs, CC6220 and CC6230 offer long tool life with HRSAs, lowering cost-per-part.

Sandvik Coromant
IMTS 2018 Booth #431510

Tool monitoring adaptive control system

The tool monitoring adaptive control (TMAC) 3.0 system uses customized sensors for power, vibration, or strain to measure tool wear. TMAC learns the cut, allowing the operator to visualize the actual cutting to make necessary adjustments to run at optimum efficiency. By measuring tool wear in real-time, TMAC will automatically expire a tool if excessive wear is detected (and can signal a redundant tool) or immediately stop the machine and retract the tool if breakage occurs, allowing machines to run unattended.

TMAC Adaptive Control overrides the machine tool feed rate to automatically adjust based on the tool’s cutting power load.

It increases the feed rate with low-power cuts and decreases with high-power cuts and as tools wear. By making real-time adaptive control feed rate adjustments, TMAC optimizes the entire cutting process, extends tool life, and reduces cycle time up to 60%.

Caron Engineering Inc.
IMTS 2018 Booth #135636

Sealed chuck

With a large through hole, the BP series chuck combines the flexibility of a standard open center power chuck with the long life and precision of Proofline sealed chucks, making it suitable for bar and bar stock clamping as well as shaft clamping.

Available in three sizes, the BP is completely sealed from outside contaminants. This allows it to maintain a constant grip force for excellent repeatability and consistency as well as safer operation.

The BP series is Proofline sealed for minimal maintenance intervention. The permanent grease lubrication provides consistent clamping force and reduces wear on the chuck, resulting in longer maintenance intervals, reducing downtime and loss of productivity. Chucks also withstand harsh environments of dry machining, abrasive powders, high pressure, and corrosive coolants.

SMW Autoblok
IMTS 2018 Booth #431700

Rotary axis software

CARTO 3.0 software allows users to quickly capture and analyze machine performance data from rotary axes.

The XM-60 multi-axis calibrator can be used with the XR20-W rotary axis calibrator, providing one software solution for all Renishaw laser calibration products.

Combining the capability of XR20-W and XM-60 with CARTO 3.0 reduces the calibration of a 5-axis machine tool from several days to within half a day.

The software allows users to analyze multiple error types during different time frames, building up a comprehensive overview of a machine’s performance. It automatically stores complete datasets for each machine tool within a single database. By independently comparing errors associated with each axis, across different time frames, users can plan preventative maintenance.

Renishaw Inc.
IMTS 2018 Booth #135509 and Booth #431607

External thread-turning two-connection toolholder

The X-treme Jet thread turning toolholder features two connecting options and directed coolant flow. Designed for more effective coolant flow and improved chip control, the toolholder connects via an elbow fitting and top clamp to more precisely direct the coolant flow to the cutting edge.

Available in right-hand and left-hand configurations, the X-treme Jet is coated for maximum abrasive resistance. Suitable for high-pressure coolant applications, the directed flow reduces cutting edge temperature, resulting in higher performance, improved chip flow, and longer tool life.

Carmex Precision Tools LLC
IMTS 2018 Booth #431480

Mill-turn control with touch technology

The TNC 640 mill-turn control offers a workshop-oriented operational design and includes touch technology that lets users operate the control screen with gestures similar to smartphones or tablets.

With the TNC 640 touch screen, the operator navigates through long lists, programs, tables, and other content by kinetic scrolling. The kinetic scroll converts the impulse of hand contact into scrolling speed.

The user can stop dynamic scrolling at any time, making it possible to easily find an NC block or a tool in long NC programs or tool tables. The user moves the programming and 3D test graphics directly on the screen.

Heidenhain Corp.
IMTS 2018 Booth #135226

Steel cabinets

The Vidmar 12-gauge steel, all-welded heavy-duty cabinet line supports up to 1,900 lb shelf capacity. There are 16 cabinets available, suitable for industrial applications requiring increased weight capacity, bin storage, and enhanced durability.

IMTS 2018 Booth #432504

CNC tool grinding machine

The MX7 Linear next-generation CNC grinding machine handles varied batch sizes with minimum setup. LinX cylindrical linear motors on the X- and Y-axis provide greater performance, higher feed rates, and superior surface finish. A range of automation options maximize tool production. An optional Fanuc robot tool loader and 6-station wheel changer allow unmanned capacity for up to 1,092 tools. The LaserPlus option provides automatic laser tool measurement and compensation to maintain a geometric tolerance of ±0.002mm.

IMTS 2018 Booth #237406

Tool presetting, measuring

The Speroni Essentia tool presetting and measuring system is a user-friendly, space-saving tool that performs measurements next to the machine tool. Concise control optimizes tool presetting and measuring operations.

Presetters measure the cutting edges of tools to ensure they match job specifications and are ready for use in the machine. Adjustments can be made offline in less than a minute on a presetter, allowing for continuous cutting.

Big Kaiser
IMTS 2018 Booth #431610