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Tooling software; Clamping system; Filtration system; Swiss-type automatic lathe; Remote visual inspection; Chipbreaker for aluminum finishing.

November 26, 2019

ACU-Rite software for the 300 Series digital readout (DRO) allows users to control a sinker EDM machine. The DRO can be used in milling, turning, grinding, and EDM manual machines in a single DRO.

The software is loaded into a DRO300 and coupled with an IOB 610 interface box, enabling the simple control of sinker EDM using three relay signals. It is included on all new multipurpose DRO300s.


Tooling software

ToolRoom RN34 software for aerospace and other industries offers cycles for manufacturing ballnose tools suitable for finishing and roughing. Designer edges can accommodate high helix on the ball cutting edge for better fracture resistance and reduced vibration due to the irregular curve. Other features include:

Tool balancing – reduces noise, vibrations; improves machine bearing life, better surface finish

Fluting cycles – Eliminates harmonics caused by high speed machining

Lollipop cutter – High helix angles for better surface finish, chip removal


Clamping system

The cable integrated mounting (CIM) clamping system provides high precision, accuracy, and repeatability through an internal tool indexing mechanism that locates the tool in the correct orientation. The collet holds the tool securely for high stability, and tool change does not require removal of the holder.

Designed to fit standard and special Carmex Tiny Tools, the CIM system eliminates retaining screws and features three clamping flats on the shank for maximum flexibility.

Its internal coolant feature allows for flow through the CIM holder and the Tiny Tool for delivery to the cutting edge.

Carmex Precision Tools LLC

Filtration system

The Vomat UBF vacuum band filter can handle sludge-cutting materials such as ceramic, high-speed steel (HSS), brass, aluminum oxide, and disc abrasion. It operates with oil and water-miscible coolants and can also be combined with a Vomat fine filtration unit. The system is available in 110 gal/min, 264 gal/min and 528 gal/min filtration capacities.

oelheld Inc.

Swiss-type automatic lathe

The SX-38 Swiss-type lathe uses slant-bed construction to ensure rigidity for the turret mounted tooling. The B-axis is servo driven for positioning or surfacing for difficult to generate designs (examples shown below). With the B-axis unit supported on both ends, heavier cuts are possible while maintaining fine finishes. When the part doesn’t require a guide bushing, it can be removed allowing a 42mm max. machining diameter.

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.

Remote visual inspection

TVG-PRO Series videoscopes offer tungsten braid cables in combinations of three lengths of 1.5m (59"), 2m (78"), and 3m (118") and three diameters of 2.8mm (0.110"), 4mm (0.157"), and 6mm (0.236"). The modular videoscopes have either 180° or full 360° articulation with one video control handle using any of the easily changed cables.

The videoscopes are designed for on-site inspections and maintenance.

Field of view is 80° or 90° and depth of view is 10mm-to-80mm or 15mm-to-8, depending on the model.

Titan Tool Supply Inc.

Chipbreaker for aluminum finishing

The AP Style chipbreaker for aluminum combines sharp cutting edge with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating to prevent burrs and provide excellent chip control and surface finish on internal and external turning applications.

Kyocera Precision Tools Inc.