CNC gear-hobbing machine

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November 26, 2019

The Hera-150 CNC gear cutting machine offers compact vertical hobbing for gears up to 150mm diameter. It features 6 CNC axes (7 with automation), a 3.5 module (7.3DP) pitch rating, and 2,500rpm maximum hob speed. Radial travel of 180mm (from 15mm to 195mm center distance) between the work and hob axes allows a wide range of part sizes for gear cutting. For long cutting tools, the machine offers hob shifting up to 180mm.

Dialog programming with visual examples accelerates operator training. Operators enter data for cutting one or two gears on a single workpiece using single- or two-cut cycles with radial, axial, climb, or conventional hobbing (or any combination). Crowning (lead modification) and automatic shifting over a damaged hob section are also included.

Safety features include an electro-mechanical interlock and a splashguard door. The machine’s cast iron base provides greater dampening and stability for extreme cutting conditions.

Helios Gear Products LLC