Can-Eng to deliver high-capacity Mesh Belt heat-treat furnace

Can-Eng to deliver high-capacity Mesh Belt heat-treat furnace

Second similar unit for Midwest United States customer, incorporates Level 2 automation.

Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd. has recently been awarded a contract to deliver a second high-capacity Mesh Belt Heat Treatment Furnace line to a commercial heat treater in the Midwest United States. CAN-ENG completed commissioning of a 4,000lb/hr Mesh Belt Furnace System for this customer in 2020. With some run time on the new equipment, it was quickly realized that improvements in the CAN-ENG designs which include soft part handing, precision temperature + atmosphere control, energy efficiency and reduction in oil drag out not only were producing a higher quality part but doing so at a reduced operational costing.

This duplicate 4,000 lb/hr high-capacity Mesh Belt Furnace line is to be installed along side the previous furnace line in the recently expanded plant.

These custom engineered continuous atmosphere heat treating systems feature an increase in usable hearth area to provide high-volume processing when running products requiring carbon diffusion and lighter belt loading, as they will be used primarily for demanding processing including carbonitriding and carburizing. The furnaces are capable of a maximum throughput capacity of up to 4,000 lb/hr neutral hardening each.

Both furnace lines feature: a computerized controlled automated bin dumping and vibratory part feeder system, dunk and spray pre-washer, protective atmosphere-controlled mesh belt hardening system, oil quench, dunk and spray post wash system, forced recirculation temper furnace, in-line post cooling system, and CAN-ENG’s PETTM Level 2 SCADA system. By integrating CAN-ENG’s Level 2 Automation, the end user has access to vital tracking of products’ status, detailed process data for continuous process improvements, comprehensive equipment diagnostics, cost analysis, and inventory management which is required by many demanding customers.

CAN-ENG’s new line is the fifth CAN-ENG Mesh Belt Furnace line to be in operation at the facility.