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April 27, 2022

Photo credit: Kubotek3D

K-Display and K-Compare 4.0 software updates CAD file readers, adds support for mesh objects, and improves large-assembly visualization. Support for the Solid Edge sheet metal part format .PSM has been added. KeyCreator support in K-Compare has been updated to the 2022 CKD file format. K-Compare Revision and Validate can read the structure of large CAD assemblies from major CAD applications and now allow users to open/view selected parts from within the parts list.

K-Compare Validate 4.0 supports:

Stereolithography (STL) mesh used in 3D printing and additive manufacturing. The Premium level compares STL files to the CAD file, alerts users of deviations from the original, and records the check for quality compliance.

Product manufacturing information (PMI), such as tolerancing attached to faces in STEP AP242 models. Confirms these annotations have transferred correctly from the originating CAD file.3D wireframe entities stored in KeyCreator CKD format.

K-Display View and Convert enhancements:

Open nearly any CAD file and re-publish models to standard formats. Review the volume, center of gravity of lightweight 3D objects saved as mesh entities in STL, CGR, 3DXML, STEP, and KFW file formats the same way as reviewing 3D objects saved as solid entities, for estimating material quantity or weight for cost estimating, process planning.

Move and/or rotate objects relative to each other. Users can better visualize a complex assembly in which part/sub-assembly locations in the original CAD file obstruct views of other parts.

Export files to 3D PDF. Users can share 3D information with others who don’t have CAD viewer software installed. The exported PDF includes a compressed mesh Universal 3D model (U3D), including 3D annotations. Browser software displays a shaded, static version of the 3D model and annotations. Standard PDF viewer software allows the 3D data to be activated and manipulated with extensive visualization and navigation features.

Discover assembly structure saves a complex parts set in a single file, automatically sorting identical solid entity sets into a single reference linked to each location, saving time and reducing errors in determining large assembly component counts.