Blue laser tool measurement

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Swiss-style inserts, toolholders; Air-driven spindles.

September 26, 2019

NC4+ Blue non-contact tool setters offer tool-to-tool performance proven to ISO230-10 standards.

Blue laser technology and improved optics deliver increased measurement accuracy and reduced cycle times.

Compared to red laser sources, blue laser technology has a shorter wavelength, resulting in improved diffraction effects and optimized laser beam geometry. This enables measurement of very small tools, while minimizing tool-to-tool measurement errors.

The systems use Renishaw’s non-contact tool setting software packages, which include a dual measurement mode with auto optimization technology for fast and reliable tool measurement – even in wet conditions.

NC4+ Blue support is embedded into on-machine and mobile apps such as Renishaw Set and Inspect, and GoProbe. The platforms help users new to probing or with little machine code knowledge, while still offering operational benefits to experienced users.

The data enables intelligent decision-making for Industry 4.0, allowing manufacturers to automate and optimize processes and minimize quality problems. With the latest Reporter app, users can view historical tool data captured by the NC4+ Blue and export the results for use in software and control systems.

Renishaw Inc.

Swiss-style inserts, toolholders

Multi-function G6 six-edge turning inserts fit a single holder and offer high productivity in threading, grooving, parting, and back and front turning. Swiss-Line inserts and toolholders for parting, grooving, profiling, and chamfering in mass production operations, feature physical vapor deposition (PVD) triple coating for wear and heat resistance.

The Swiss-Line polygon, for turning, back turning, parting, grooving, full-radius grooving, and threading, allows multiple inserts to be used with the same toolholder.

Carmex Precision Tools Ltd.
Southtec 2019 Booth #2405

Air-driven spindles

Spindles operating at constant speeds from 25,000rpm to 90,000rpm up to 1.40hp maintain constant high speed and torque under variable load. Mill at 1,500ipm with 2µm accuracy.

Only two moving parts – turbines and ceramic bearings cooled by airflow – result in low vibration, low heat, no thermal expansion, and high reliability. Without gears or high-frequency brushes, spindles require no lubrication, maintenance, or control system – just 90psi clean, dry airflow. Side inlet NPT/Stop Block or center through shank/toolholder air feed available.

Air Turbine Tools Inc.
Fabtech 2019 Booth #A4339