HMUSA 2022 Conference: Functional benefits of additively manufactured heat exchangers
Functional benefits of additively manufactured heat exchangers with Velo3D
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HMUSA 2022 Conference: Functional benefits of additively manufactured heat exchangers

How AM can create efficient heat exchangers.

September 1, 2022

About the presentation
Heat exchangers are critical technology used anywhere you find oil, fuel, or electronics. In high-performance designs, engineers continually look for ways to optimize heat exchangers to decrease size, decrease weight, and improve performance.

This session will look at how additive manufacturing (AM) can create heat exchangers that are more efficient and performant than those manufactured through conventional methods. It will share specific, real-world examples of how AM is enabling new capabilities for heat exchangers.

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Meet your presenter
Matt Karesh is a technical sales engineer at Velo3D. He started his career in backup power generation before moving to commercial aviation, where he worked on high-pressure turbine blade design. Karesh started working with additive manufacturing in 2017 and has experience with several disciplines, including laser powder bed fusion, electron beam melting, and binder jetting. He holds a mechanical engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

About the companyFrom software and hardware to complete product support, Velo3D is an end-to-end manufacturing solution that gives designers and engineers freedom to create what was previously considered impossible. In our quest to unlock tomorrow’s innovations, we enable parts to be printed to exacting standards of consistency, quality, and repeatability.

Advanced end-to-end solutions allow engineers to create the impossible. We help the world’s most innovative minds overcome complex challenges, taking metal AM to new levels of performance and efficiency.