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December 1, 2015

Manual chuck

The ROTA-S flex flexible manual chuck supports machining a wide variety of workpieces on milling and turning machines. The ROTA-S flex has the same features as the ROTA-S plus in addition to extended guideways, transforming it into a large, versatile, and lightweight chuck.

Weighing approximately 60% less than a conventional chuck, it has an identical table load, so heavier workpieces can be machined. The chuck’s low profile allows space for the workpiece and tools. When machining smaller workpieces, the extended guideways can be disassembled, improving accessibility. The lubrication system ensures permanently high clamping forces for both versions, while seals prevent chips and dust from entering.

The ROTA-S flex can be assembled on a machine table, and retrofitting is quickly done with the optimized quick-change jaw system.



Epoxy system

Developed for a variety of bonding, sealing, potting, and encapsulation, EP3RR-80 is a user-friendly, one-component epoxy. With moderate viscosity, good flow properties, and an unlimited working life at ambient temperatures, this system can be stored at 40°F to 50°F and does not require freezing. The dimensionally stable compound forms high strength bonds to metals, composites, ceramics, glass, and many plastics.

The compound resists water, oils, fuels, and other chemicals and is widely employed in the electronics, aerospace, and related industries. It is available in syringes as well as standard containers.


  • Cure times: 45 to 50 minutes at 175°F; 25 to 30 minutes at 250°F
  • Low exotherm for curing in sections > 1/2" deep
  • -100°F to 350°F service operating range

Master Bond Inc.


Cutting tool grades for hard surfaces

MaxiDrill 900 is available with a combination of two grades for maximum stress and a wider application range. The system, used for drilling into solid material, is available with high-performance CVD grade Blackstar CTCP420 for the peripheral cutting edge. A TiCN/Al2O3 coating makes Blackstar grades more wear-resistant under extreme conditions than the standard PVD grade Silverstar CTPP430. The cutting grade’s characteristics allow for high cutting speeds, making it suitable for machining steel and cast iron materials.


  • Application range: 12mm to 63mm
  • Better wear resistance during steel machining
  • Smooth surface reduces friction, cutting pressure between chip and rake face

Ceratizit USA Inc.


Shop-hardened CMM

The flexible intelligent gage (FIGA) is a one-piece symmetrical design that uses CNC machine tool technology to perform production gaging.

FIGA offers a measuring volume of 600mm x 560mm x 500mm, and completely enclosed and fully protected horizontal bearing ways have no exposed cabling. High-resolution glass measuring scales provide a thermal inert measuring accuracy, and an open access to the measurement volume provides ergonomic operator loading or automation.

FIGA can use the full range of Renishaw touch-trigger or scanning probes. An integral probe or styli change rack is mounted to the rear of the machine, so it does not erode the available measuring volume.

Perceptron Inc.


Heavy-duty HMC

HMC-630 comes with a Fanuc control; 40hp 10,000rpm dual winding built-in spindle; full B-axis; 1,890ipm feed rate on the X-, Y-, and Z-axis; coolant thru spindle options; 60-tool arm automatic tool changer, dual pallet system, oil skimmer, and embedded ceiling coolant flush system.

Mighty USA Inc.


Cleaners and degreasers

Alustar 100 is optimized for cleaning and degreasing aluminum in automated and ultrasonic parts washers. The Star line of products contains built-in foam and corrosion inhibitor packages.

The system leaves a low-residue finish, meeting some of the strictest cleaning requirements in the industry. Alustar 100 is formulated with advanced, low-energy surfactant (LES), that can clean and degrease effectively in hot parts washers at lower temperatures for substantial energy savings.

FYI: Alustar 100 is formulated for sensitive materials and can be used for mechanical parts and washing and degreasing aluminum and other non-ferrous alloys. The system is VOC-free, non-flammable, and phosphate-free.

Walter Surface Technologies


Digital optical comparator

The VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparator 700 Series features 5-axis inspection to view parts from all sides and angles. The 5-axes of motion (X, Y, Z, rotary, and tilt) enable quick, accurate inspection of all sides and angles on the part.

The 700 Series is useful in checking EDM or laser-drilled holes often found in aerospace components. For round and shaped holes, the system automatically verifies precise hole presence and accurately measures hole location.


  • Multi-angle, multi-quadrant LED illumination
  • 5-axes of motion
  • Up to 20x high-res magnification
  • 38" diagonal image viewing area
  • 12" standard travels

Methods Machine Tools Inc.


Production machining software

The latest update to GibbsCAM production machining software includes a universal kinematic machine (UKM) engine that simplifies CNC programming. The design-to-manufacturing digital thread facilites cross-technology manufacturing between additive and subtractive methods. GibbsCAM provides numerical control programmers and machinists modeling, 2- through 5-axis milling, high-speed machining, mill/turn, Swiss, multi-task machining, and wire-EDM capabilities.

3D Systems


Cooled drill machines titanium alloy, stainless

WDO-SUS drills combat issues that occur when machining stainless steels and titanium alloys such as work hardening, elongated chips, low thermal conductivity, and welding on the tool.

A Mega Cooler improves coolant flow for better chip evacuation and reduced heat generation. The patent pending flute geometry and sharp cutting edge produce compact cutting chips that prevent chip packing.

The drill provides stable regrinding and prevents work hardening by reducing margin wear with its margin shape and WXL coating. The WDO-SUS drill has surpassed 3,100 linear inches even when drilling difficult-to-machine, duplex stainless steel.



End mill holders

Tru Position end mill holders have a reduced total indicator runout (TIR) of 0.0002", made possible by a custom-engineered internal eccentric grinding technique.

The holders provide less runout for a more even chip load with less chatter and fewer tool passes, saving machining time and improving machining quality. Tru Position toolholders have twice the cutting tool life of conventional end mill holders.

Briney Tooling Systems


Collet pads, collet pad jaws

In quick-change tooling for small diameter parts, collet pads can be changed quickly. Collet pad jaws adapt to many styles of chucks, supporting machining of stems, spools, crimp assemblies, manifolds for high pressure air systems, fittings, mechanical and transmission components, and specialty valves.

A collet pad top-jaw system increases chuck workholding ranges, for more part geometry variations. Routines can be more aggressive, resulting in shorter cycle times and consistent quality.

Collet pads are available in round, hex, and square with smooth and serrated gripping surfaces.

Dillon Manufacturing Inc.


Reinforced indexable drill

A reinforced variant of the CoroDrill 880 indexable drill improves productivity in large diameter hole-making. The reinforced CoroDrill 880 features an enhanced drill body that is up to 30% stiffer than its predecessor for applications of 4x to 5x the drill diameter, improving reliability and hole quality. The enhanced drill body and new grade chains for steel and cast iron extend insert tool life.

Hole diameters range from 12mm to 84mm (0.472" to 3.307") off the shelf. Engineered solutions up to 129mm (5.078") are available. The drills produce holes with tolerances of H12–13.

Insert grades

  • GC4324 with Inveio coating boosts productivity for stable conditions
  • GC4334 with Inveio coating offers performance in good-to-average conditions
  • GC4344 with Zertivo coating technology performance in difficult conditions

Sandvik Coromant