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Workpiece positioning system; Horizontal machining center.

February 23, 2022

Photo credit: Seco Tools LLC

The improved Niagara Cutter A245/345 tooling products have been redesigned to reduce power consumption and improve chip evacuation in aluminum machining applications.

Combining an engineered flute shape and polished K-land produces an optimal combination of helix angle and rake angle, reducing power consumption by a minimum of 20%.

This product family upgrade also has the latest in engineered PVD coatings – aluminum non-ferrous (ANF). This coating reduces friction and built-up material on the cutting edge, improving workpiece surface finish and increasing tool life, for better surface finish quality when milling aluminum. It can greatly increase the product’s tool life as compared to uncoated and TiCN coated solutions.

Seco Tools LLC

Workpiece positioning system

WPS and WPS Mini
Photo credit: SMW Autoblok

The WPS Mini 40mm workpiece positioning system features manual Zero Point clamping for small workpieces requiring quick part changeover. The smallest WPS clamping modules unit is suitable for 5-axis machining with milling, measuring, or grinding operations. An emphasis on flexibility and speed reduces setup time by 90%.

Zero Point clamping attaches the unit directly to the workpiece, provides maximum holding force of 25kN, and repeatability of <0.005mm. Single quick actuation provides rapid open and closing of the module with a 270° rotation.

The WPS Mini is sealed against dirt and swarf for minimal maintenance requirements and extended service life. It can be used with standard WPS/APS (automatic positioning system) modules with specially designed clamping pins and adapters used for workpiece clamping or top mounting that is case hardened with corrosion-resistant coating.

SMW Autoblok

Horizontal machining center

Photo credit: Okuma America Corp.

The MA-600HIII adds features to the MA-600H horizontal machining center (HMC) family.

A 10,000rpm standard spindle handles a range of applications, from heavy-duty to high-feed machining. A thru-spindle coolant suction feature removes residual coolant inside the tool and spindle. An optional sludge-less tank and new-generation ECO suite offer a major reduction in environmental impact.

The HMC’s work envelope is larger than its predecessor, with added X-axis travel capabilities. Advanced thermal management technology has improved machine temperature deviation to 7µm dimensional change per 24-hours.

Machine features include enhanced coolant management; ball screw cooling for the X, Y, and Z axis; upgraded workspace design to prevent chip accumulation; and improved chip evacuation.

The design allows for automation: the workspace area can equip up to 7 part-loading/unloading ports or up to 8 workholding clamp ports. Up to 16 ports are available, expanding part capacity and robotic application possibilities.

Okuma America Corp.