Airbus Helicopters wins US Army contract for 35 Lakotas

Airbus Helicopters wins US Army contract for 35 Lakotas

Contract for 35 additional UH-72A Lakotas for the U.S. Army valued at approximately $273 million.

March 13, 2018
Edited by Eric Brothers

Airbus Helicopters Inc. received a contract valued at approximately $273 million to deliver 35 additional UH-72A Lakotas for the United States Army.

The $273 million contract includes the UH-72A production aircraft, associated technical and flight operator manuals, and program management. This procurement is broken into two configurations: 17 UH-72A Lakotas for the Initial Entry Rotary Wing mission at Ft. Rucker and 18 UH-72A Lakotas for the Observer/Controller mission at the Army’s Combat Training Centers.

“We are proud that the U.S. Army has continued to rely on us to provide this versatile capability for its aviation fleet. We have an unbroken record of on-cost and high-quality program excellence and support for this aircraft,” said Chris Emerson, president and CEO of Airbus Helicopters Inc. and head of the North American region.

Airbus builds the Lakota at its Columbus, Mississippi facility. Since the program inception in 2005, Airbus has delivered more than 412 Lakotas. The UH-72A is a twin-engine light utility helicopter used for a wide range of military operations including border patrol, MEDEVAC, troop and VIP transport, light cargo, and Homeland Security.

Available in multiple configurations, the UH-72A is a component of the Army’s Aviation Restructuring Initiative (ARI) and the primary rotary-wing trainer for the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

Lakotas have been employed extensively over the last few months, responding to wildfires in California, and Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, highlighting the aircraft’s ability to perform in joint governmental and non-governmental agency operations.