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Coolant, lubrication filtration systems; Toggle clamps; Critical defect inspection system; Updated measurement software; Fully automated, 6-sided machining.

August 30, 2021

Photo courtesy of SMW Autoblok

The AcuGrind air chuck features a built-in actuating cylinder (no hydraulic cylinder is required) for extreme tolerances during turning and grinding applications.

Designed to handle precise finishing, AcuGrind provides 0.000078" accuracy and is ideal for miniaturized components that require extreme tolerances and for machining abrasive materials such as powder metal or carbide. AcuGrind can perform both ID and OD clamping using a boring ring and pin. Its case-hardened base jaws allow for extra rigidity and repeatability within 0.002mm.

Available in 80mm to 250mm, AcuGrind comes fully sealed as part of Proofline Series chucks, reducing overall maintenance. Permanently lubricated, these oil-filled precision chucks help maintain consistent grip force. Other advantages include a case-hardened body and internal parts for high resistance and extended life.


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Vito Fryfitter

Coolant, lubrication filtration systems

The Vito filter line offers high efficiency and uses all types of oil- and water- based lubricants.

The Vito filter is placed inside the basin where it filters the liquid automatically in pulsed filtration cycles and ventilates water-based coolant to avoid tramp oil from building a surface layer. Using a cellulose filter, the pressure flow-filtration removes chips and solids from any coolant lubricant. It filters the coolant while machinery is in operation to ensure a sufficient and smooth process of maintaining the lubricant.

The filter decreases running cost for tools, increases the quality of lubricants for more accurate workpieces and better cooling, and reduces machining center maintenance.

Vito Fryfitter Inc.

Photo courtesy of Jergens Inc

Toggle clamps

The expanded range of True-Lok toggle clamps includes four versions with an additional locking mechanism for added security. The added feature ensures the toggle clamp will remain in the closed/hold down position for maximum security in workholding applications. Additionally, it also ensures that the clamps remain in the unclamped/open position to facilitate part change and operator convenience.

True-Lok toggle clamps are available with flanged-base in either steel or stainless steel and are suitable for numerous applications in many industries. The secondary lever that actuates this feature has been designed for thousands of cycles and to be easily accessed and engaged by the operator. Holding capacities range up to 7,700 lb. Twenty-five new line items are offered in total.

Jergens Inc.

Critical defect inspection system

The HPX-DR 2329 GK detector has a 75µm resolution offering powerful image capture for miniscule defect detection. It’s suitable for inspecting critical parts and assemblies to identify defects including small cracks, porosity, and flaws.

Designed for high resolution to meet stringent industry standards, the detector also expands the variety of parts that can be examined and improves the accuracy of each inspection.

Carestream NDT

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Industrial Metrology

Updated measurement software

Calypso 2021 software includes more than 60 new functions and improvements, leading to significantly better performance in quality control. With improved mathematical algorithms, measurement results are 20x faster.

O-Inspect reduces unnecessary travel paths and increases the possibility to sort measurement elements, significantly speeding up optical measurement processes. It also combines as many measurement elements as possible into one camera position, automatically determined according to the pre-set zoom level, optimizing measurement time up to 270%.

Improvements in the programming process can save additional time. For example, Zeiss has simplified the workflow for showing deviation flags and introduced numerous improvements for importing product and manufacturing information (PMI).

Zeiss Industrial Metrology

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Fully automated, 6-sided machining

Designed for complete machining of all six sides of complex parts, the 715 Series machining center fits between the vertical Chiron FZ 08 S mill-turn Precision+ machining center and the Stama MT 733 machining center. It includes part handling automation and storage.

Part size range is bars up to 65mm or chuck parts up to 200mm, with 20kg max. workpiece weight.

The machine platform also integrates digital systems from the Chiron SmartLine portfolio, including automatic condition monitoring, integrated machine and process diagnostics, machining simulation, preventive machine protection in every mode of operation, remote diagnostics and maintenance, and intuitive operation.

Chiron America