6-axis opposed gang tool lathe

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Servo-electric presses; Stainless steel brushes

May 1, 2019


The Tsugami B0386-III 38mm, 6-axis Swiss-type CNC lathe features higher cross milling and drilling performance, thanks to powerful milling spindle motors.

Engineering advancements include large linear guides, a 3-toggle clamping system, and extra ribbing under the spindles. The 8-station, driven, back-working block maximizes capability for parts with numerous complex features. The oversized spindle bore allows for 42mm material to be fed through the spindle using the included chucker conversion kit.

Tsugami/Rem Sales Inc.


Servo-electric presses

EVOx servo-electric presses, with models ranging from 1,000 lbf to 100,000 lbf (0.5 tons to 50.0 tons), are for light-duty assembly applications including clamping, crimping, joining, press fitting, punching/blanking, riveting, spring testing, staking, and swaging.

Using electric roller-screw actuators instead of hydraulic systems eliminates hoses, pumps, and hydraulic oil; improves cleanliness, energy efficiency, and operator safety; and lowers operational and maintenance costs. Roller-screw technology allows longer actuator life than traditional ball-screw actuators.

Programmable, intuitive controls feature positional repeatability to within ±0.0005" while offering force and positional feedback. Actuator size, frame style, dwell time, safety guarding, and other parameters are configurable.

Servo-electric actuators are optional on new forming equipment and as a post-installation upgrade on existing hydraulic presses up to 200 tons.

Beckwood Press Co.

Stainless steel brushes

For contamination-sensitive cleaning/finishing, stainless-steel, Inox-Total power brushes offer optimum protection against corrosion, as the brush components are produced from 302 stainless steel (Inox).

The Inox-Total brushes are available in 2" stem-mounted crimped wheel, 2" stem-mounted knot wheel, or 2-3/4" stem-mounted crimped bevel styles for collet-equipped machines. A Combitwist unthreaded knot wheel brush is available for hand-held angle grinders.

Pferd Inc.