5-axis VMC with rotary table

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5-axis VMC with rotary table; Handheld 2D parts measurement; Fixturing platform

The FZ 16 S 5-axis vertical machining center (VMC) with 5-axis tilt rotary table offers rigidity for stable machining, high spindle speeds to optimize cutting tools for shaping challenging metals, and rapid axis positioning to minimize cycle times.

The mineral cast machine bed and gantry design produce stiffness with damping characteristics that reduce vibration and noise. High-performance motors, two Y-axis drives, and short spindle start-up and braking times increase the machine’s speed. A- and C-axes with direct drives ensure precise multi-axis motion and smooth acceleration.

High-precision metal removal and high feed rates can hog material and produce high-quality surfaces on blisks and turbine blades from titanium, Inconel, and stainless steels. Single setup machining saves cycle time and avoids secondary operations.

CNC control systems are available from Siemens, Fanuc, or Heidenhain.

Chiron America Inc.

Handheld 2D parts measurement

The Quadra-Chek (QC) 2000 evaluation unit acquires measuring points using crosshairs or optical edge detection on profile projectors, measuring microscopes, or 2D measuring machines with up to three axes.

For complex, repetitive measuring tasks, QC 2000 users can automatically record measuring programs to run at any time. This digital readout tracks presets, measurement sequence, tolerances, and data-output commands. When the recorded measuring program is repeated, the QC 2000 displays visual instructions for the features to be probed, giving direct, repeatable guidance.

A Measure Magic function automatically selects matching geometry from the acquired measuring points, improving repeatability and reducing measurement uncertainty.

Measurement results are graphically displayed on the unit’s high-resolution, 7" color touchscreen, and the integrated measurement report function can create a PDF or CSV file with results.

Heidenhain Corp.

Fixturing platform

The X-Plate System modular fixturing platform for 3-, 4-, and 5-axis applications offers several mounting options, including a precision quick-change system when clamped in a vise or T-slot table. It includes a provision on the bottom for diamond/taper locating pins to precisely mount to sub-plate, plus its primary function as a multi-functional face plate for indexers and 5-axis machining centers.

Mitee-Bite Products