5-axis vertical machining center

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Slim hydraulic chucks; Portable inline fluid reclamation machine.

October 12, 2017

The MX-520 PC4 four-pallet automated version of the MX-520 single table 5-axis vertical machining center is equipped with 90 tools and a Universal Robot Interface.

The rigid system maintains offers a large machining envelope and multiple configurations.

Designed with a RAM type structure, the MX-520 has a compact footprint allowing rapid setup and processing of complex parts. CAMplete TruePath software – an integrated suite of G-code editing, optimization, analysis, and verification tools – is standard.

A Fanuc 31i 15" touch panel is integrated with Matsuura software.

The Matsuura MAXIA 12,000rpm high-torque spindle is standard. A 187.0Nm motor is available to machine hard-to-cut materials, and a 20,000rpm, 108.7Nm spindle for high-speed aluminum parts machining is an option.

Matsuura Machinery USA Inc.

Slim hydraulic chucks

Available in 150mm and 200mm projection lengths, EPB 5831 slim hydraulic chucks feature slender profiles for semi-finishing and finishing operations in confined spaces.

With the turn of one pressurized screw, the high-pressure hydraulic chucks uniformly grip small-diameter cutting tools. Secure clamping offers precision and repeatability along with runout of less than 5µm at 3xD.

The EPB 5831 accommodates 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm tool diameters, and with the use of reduction sleeves, the chuck holds various shank types and diameters. The chucks are available in HSK-A63, HSK-A100, BT 40, and Seco-Capto C5 machine side connections.

Seco Tools LLC 

Portable inline fluid reclamation machine

HydroFlow’s SumpDoc inline fluid reclamation machine has been modified and downsized so an operator can push it easily from location to location.

The SumpDoc provides coolant restoration and rejuvenation treatment of metalworking fluids in the machine tool sump with minimal operator interaction. There is no interruption in the production cycle or need to transport fluids. The portable device, an alternative to a central fluid recycling system or batch processing, can be wheeled next to a machine tool, parts washer, or rinse tank for fluid reclamation.