4-axis turning center

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Air tooling for automated back spotfacing; Base jaws.

July 29, 2022

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The LU3000 EX turning center, Okuma’s latest evolution of 4-axis turning in the 8" to 10" chuck class, provides process flexibility and high removal rates. The large work ranges of the upper (V12) and lower (V8) turrets mean less interference and more flexibility. The lathe has a 45° box bed with all box way construction, providing optimum support for the carriage and cross slide, while the three-point bearing support for the spindle delivers stability and long life. The LU3000 EX is equipped with Okuma’s OSP-P300, a one-screen, easy operation control system combined with an open-architecture design, making it suitable for operators of all levels.

Okuma America Corp.

IMTS 2022 Booth #338500 / #215209

Air tooling for automated back spotfacing

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Designed for applications where through coolant activation isn’t possible, the BSF Air Tool delivers precision back spotfacing using shop air to activate the tool, eliminating the need for through-spindle coolant.

This tooling is suitable for bore diameters of 6.5mm to 21mm and offer counter bores up to 2.3x diameter.

Heule Tool Corp.

IMTS 2022 Booth #431352

Base jaws

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System 3 quick change base jaws, made from 8620 steel case hardened and ground to assure durability, bolt to existing chucks like a standard top jaw. Available base jaws adapt to any jaw lock dimension for foreign or domestic power chuck. The quick-change jaws use replaceable jaw inserts that slip on and off a base jaw set by tightening or loosening an Allen screw. Jaw inserts are available in hard, soft, and full grip inserts for chucks from 6" to 40". Repeatability is guaranteed to 0.001" or to your chuck’s original manufacturer’s specifications.

Huron Machine Products Inc.  

IMTS 2022 Booth #431263