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Offering applications that require high tolerance and precision surface finish.

August 14, 2012

For applications that require high tolerance and precision surface finish, the Abrasive Machining / Sawing / Finishing pavilion has the technology you need. These technologies are particularly important to the aerospace industry, which requires a high degree of accuracy and precision. See the latest in all varieties of grinding technology, as well as sawing and cutoff machines and a variety of finishing technologies.

»  North Building
    10am to 6pm


Diamond/CBN Wheel Truing and Dressing
Design of the FC-250W diamond and CBN wheel truing and dressing is for truing and dressing of flats, angles, and radii on diamond and CBN single wheels and multiple wheel packs. The heavy-duty one-piece cast iron base provides extra rigidity and minimizes vibration. Standard features include ExVision, a computer-driven vision system with a software program specifically designed for the FC-250W, an automatic power zoom, and a 2-axis DRO for measurement.

IMTS Booth N-7233
Rush Machinery Inc.
Rushville, NY

Tube Hones, Honing Oil
The HTG-10000 is capable of handling standard part lengths up to 30ft and weights up to 17,600 lb. Its ID range is 2" to 24", with an OD capacity of 26" and up to 48" as an option. A proportional load control hydraulic system enables maximum utilization of hydraulic power. In addition, the SHO-500 vegetable-based honing oil will be on exhibit, which isi formulated without additives such as sulfur, chlorine, and fluorine.

IMTS Booth N-7400
Sunnen Products Co.

St. Louis, MO

Combination Abrasive Nylon Disc Brushes

Brush Research Manufacturing abrasive disc brushes contain a combination of ceramic and silicon carbide filament, producing maximum burr removal rates while providing an ideal surface finish at the same time. Manufactured using a fiber reinforced thermoplastic base, the discs deliver less vibration and greater process repeatability. The professional grade toolholder provides the added advantage of lubrication from the inside of the brush that greatly improves tool life and cutting action. The brushes are available in two different styles: Dot Style for general purpose deburring and surface finish applications and the Turbine Style brush for medium and heavy deburring applications. The brushes are available in two different trim lengths for the right combination of flexibility and aggressiveness and three different diameters to cover a broad range of finishing applications.

IMTS Booth N-7263
Brush Research Mfg. Co. Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

Vibration Analyzer App
The VibePro is a vibration analyzer app that collects and analyzes vibration signals to an iPad. The iPad using the VibePro application, allowing the user to take readings and leverage the powerful platform of the iPad. The VibeTrend is a simple to use app that stores and graphs overall RMS vibration amplitude levels for condition based maintenance. Users can view vibration amplitude levels in both acceleration (g) and velocity (in/sec) through a free DropBox account.

IMTS Booth N-7317
GTI Spindle Technology Inc.

Manchester, NH

Face Milling
The high-velocity, indexable face milling cutters is designed for use with PCD and PCBN inserts to help manufacturers increase performance in production milling applications such as automotive and aerospace components. The face mill body design incorporates a positive lock with limited adjustment, enabling accurate alignment of diamond or PCBN-tipped inserts quickly. Design of the cutters are for use with both roughing and finishing inserts, simplifying inventories and set up procedures. They are available in sizes from 50mm with two cutting edges, up to 305mm with 26 cutting edges.

IMTS Booth N-7463
CITCO Products,

Operation of Cinetic Landis Corp.
Concord Township, OH

Tool Grinder
The MX5 CNC tool and cutter grinder provides rigidity, stability, and accuracy. The design of the MX5 has the volume producer in mind, with the flexibility to manufacture mixed batches. Support of the grinding wheel and spindle comes from the bi-symmetrical gantry.

IMTS Booth N-7414
Anca Inc.

Wixom, MI

Metalworking Fluids
The design of Cimtech 610 metalworking fluid is for milling and drilling aerospace aluminum alloy material. Featuring a hybrid blend of patented and synthetic lubricants, Cimtech 610 provides excellent performance on difficult-to-machine ferrous and non-ferrous alloys without corrosion or stain. Its formulation is for use on hard, brittle material such as Inconel, titanium, stainless steel, aerospace alloys, and hardened steel. The fluid also offers good performance without chlorine, sulfur, or phosphorus EP lubricants. Formulated with a near neutral pH, it offers excellent corrosion control on ferrous metals and is non-staining to aluminum and other exotic alloys. It provides exceptional lubricity and extreme pressure (EP) performance, is non-staining on most yellow metals and aluminum, is clean, and washes off parts easily.

IMTS Booth N-7546
CIMCOOL Fluid Technology, a subsidiary of Milacron Marketing Co. LLC

Cincinnati, OH

High-Speed Dual Robotic Finishing Cell
The Series RF 10/4G dual robotic finishing cell includes two Fanuc M10iC 10kg compact robots, four finishing heads with programmable speed and compliance, one four-pallet turn table loading system with light curtain, and one-part re-grip station. In addition it has two finished parts exit conveyors, one integrated dust collection system, Acme polisher friendly finishing software and controls, through-arm pneumatic tooling, and full enclosure with lighting and fork truck slots. Applications include polishing, grinding, deburring, and buffing parts up to 5 lb.

IMTS Booth N-7255
Acme Mfg. Co.

Auburn Hills, MI

Modular CNC Grinding Centers
Micron modular CNC grinding centers feature a compact, ridged design for creep feed-, profile-, and HEDG-grinding applications. They are suitable for applications where there is a need for accurate profiles or slots and close finish requirements such as aircraft engine stationery turbine vanes. The grinding centers use a moving wheel head concept where performance of all linear movements, positioning, and grinding operations are by the grinding head. In addition, a Siemens 840 D CNC control offers up to 5-axis interpolation.

IMTS Booth N-7057
Peter Wolters of America Inc.

Des Plaines, IL

Centerless Grinding machine

The 255 CL centerless cylindrical grinding machine is designed for high-precision grinding of components made of tungsten carbide, HSS, ceramics, glass, and all kinds of steel parts with diameters between 0.5mm to 30mm and plunge lengths of up to 125mm. The grinding and control spindles form equivalent NC axes that are freely programmable. The CNC control system is based on the Siemens 840 D controller that, when combined with the Safety-Integrated safety concept, creates a CE-compliant total system.

In addition, Agathon will feature the DOM Semi, a precise 4-axis grinding center for the periphery grinding of ISO standard indexable inserts and K-Lands on one side for various materials such as tungsten carbide, ceramics, CBN, and more.

IMTS Booth N-6951
Agathon Machine Tools Inc.

Bethel, CT

Range of Surface Treatment Solutions
Osborn, emphasizes the company’s 125 years of manufacturing more than 3,000 precision-crafted surface treatment and finishing tools which include brushes, buffs, compounds, metal finishing, honing, and surface polishing devices.

IMTS Booth N-7436
Osborn Int’l

Cleveland, OH