Miniature, lightweight hybrid sensors

Miniature, lightweight hybrid sensors

November 2, 2017

Vishay Precision Group Inc.
Design Components Quality/Metrology

Malvern, Pennsylvania – A range of miniature, lightweight hybrid sensors, from Vishay Precision Group Inc.,offer cost-effective force, displacement, pressure, strain, and acceleration measurements within high-volume original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and test applications.

Design of the hybrid sensor range incorporates Micro-Measurements’ precision foil strain gages, adhesively bonded to flat substrates, constructed of either metal, composite, or polymer. Hybrid sensors are manufactured by VPG using the same high-volume production equipment as those used to create its precision strain gages. The result is a cost-effective family of strain-gage based hybrid sensors with consistent batch-to-batch performance characteristics.

Customers can incorporate an optional miniature signal amplifier, as either a stand-alone component or attached to the sensor. Hybrid sensors may be attached via mounting holes with choice of screws, spot welding, or clamping, eliminating adhesive bonding requirements. The hybrid sensors are optionally available with pre-attached lead wires and connectors, for simplified customer handling without soldering requirements.

New hybrid sensors can effectively support a variety of high-volume OEM requirements. Industrial applications include tank monitoring, bearing insertion, safety systems, gas and liquid cylinder pressures, and load monitoring.