CAD/CAM Version 4.0 Release 5

CAD/CAM Version 4.0 Release 5

November 28, 2017


Troy, Michigan – Tebis America, a software company specializing in CAD/CAM systems for design and manufacturing servicing the tool, die, mold, automotive, and aerospace manufacturing industries has announced the latest Release 5 of its Version 4.0.

Tebis has optimized the performance of its software to help users accelerate their processes without functional restrictions. Examples include machine simulation, working with tool sets, searching for tools in feature machining, or exchanging tools in the Job Manager.

With the new release, NC programming is now largely automated based on templates with process libraries that enable fast and reliable procedures and processes. Users can also easily edit large and complex parts with Tebis.

Convenient and powerful technologies place large demands on computing resources and can easily affect performance. Tebis has identified that the heaviest loads occur in specific processes…the bottlenecks that can result in long waiting times as well as heavy use of resources and conflicts. The Tebis developers then adapted the system to optimize the use of all available memory. Multi-core technology relying on parallel processing was simultaneously integrated.

The extended parallel processing now used saves time, especially in calculating NC programs for re-roughing. Parts can be loaded, shaded, and saved with time optimization.