Double-sided round inserts

Double-sided round inserts

November 14, 2017

Seco Tools Inc
Tooling/Cutting Turning/Milling

Troy, Michigan – Seco Tools has introduced its R217/220.28 cutters with body designs that incorporate double-sided round inserts for performance and productivity.

Double-negative-positioning pocket seats of the R217/R220.28 cutters offer enhanced cutting capability and productivity gains. The pocket seats also enable safe and user-friendly indexing.

The R217/R220.28 performs face milling, slotting, and contouring in ISO M and ISO S materials, as well as some difficult-to-machine ISO P materials, such as martensitic stainless steel. The cutter excels in Z-leveling applications and is for machining turbine blades for the aerospace and power generation segments.

The range for R217/220.28 includes diameters from 1.25" (32mm) to 4.00" (100mm) in normal and close-pitch versions. The 12mm IC inserts are available in PVD and CVD grades with two different geometries for varying applications.