Expanded disc mill cutter range

Expanded disc mill cutter range

September 6, 2017

Seco Tools Inc

Tooling/Cutting Turning/Milling

Troy, Michigan – Seco has further expanded its selection of disc milling inserts and cutter bodies by introducing the 335.14 small-diameter exchangeable head system, 335.16 cutter for T-slot operations, and cassette versions of its 335.25 cutter that incorporate round inserts.

Using small-diameter exchangeable carbide heads, the 335.14 offers a versatile, precise cutting profile that tackles any type of material. These cutters are for groove milling, circlip grooves, full radius profiles, threading profiles, and chamfering. Reliable exchangeable head systems control machining costs, and the 335.14 product line comes in a variety of cylindrical and integrated collet chuck shanks in diameters from 0.38" (9.7mm) to 1.37" (34.7mm) that cut widths from 0.03" (0.74mm) to 0.207" (5.26mm).

Seco’s 335.16 cutters incorporate 4-edged inserts to perform demanding T-slot operations. Modern insert geometries reduce machining forces and noise for optimum tool life. Centralized cooling channels effectively remove chips and provide excellent surface finishes and finished part quality. Cutters come in diameters from 0.97" (25mm) to 1.844" (50mm) based on standardized T-slot dimensions. The selection of insert geometries and grades cut many materials in widths ranging from 0.39" (11mm) to 0.82" (21mm).

The expanded line of 335.25 disc mill cutters now includes new cassettes for 0.63" (16mm) and 0.79" (20mm) round insert diameters. These cutters perform well in various full side, face, or half side and face operations for applications involving corner radii. The exchangeable cassettes offer long, reliable cutter performance, while the large choice of insert geometries and grades provide freer cutting operations and increase cost-efficiency in many types of material. Cutter diameters for these new sizes range from 4.00" (100mm) to 12.00" (315mm.)