Semi-flexible grinding discs

Semi-flexible grinding discs

March 12, 2018


Milwaukee, Wisconsin – PFERD has introduced its CC-GRIND-FLEX, the next generation of semi-flexible grinding discs for use on steel. This high-performance disc blends weld seams on large surfaces without leaving dents or bumps typical of a rough grinding wheel or fiber disc. When using the CC-GRIND-FLEX, an absolutely flat surface can be achieved.

This complete smoothing of butt welds – without dents or bumps – is made possible by an innovative design that integrates a layered fiberglass backer with a high-performance coated abrasive. The geometry of the cooling slits ensures high air flow. This reduces the thermal load on the grinding discs and workpiece.

The CC-GRIND-FLEX, a semi-flexible version of the CC-GRIND-SOLID is available in 4-1/2" and 5" dia. with 7/8" bore. Coarse grit with its highly aggressive abrasive for increased stock removal or a fine grit to produce a superior finish are available. The new disc provides up to 50% less noise and vibration during use when compared to a conventional grinding disc, with less risk of gouging and is designed for weld blending on both flat and curved surfaces.