Miniature accelerometer

Miniature accelerometer

August 10, 2017

PCB Piezotronics
Design Components

PCB's UHT-12 miniature accelerometer was designed for applications that demand minimal sensitivity change across a wide temperature range. Model 320C53 features a sensitivity of 1mV/g to complement the Model 320C52 sensitivity of 10mV/g. Both models feature a UHT-12 sensing element which provides a stable sensitivity over large thermal shifts.

The sensors weigh 1.85g with a size of 9.6mm x 17.3mm. They are hermetically sealed in a rugged titanium housing and feature easy to install thru-hole mounting. The accelerometers attach to test structures with an insulated mounting screw.

Both models have an operating temperature range of -100°F to +325°F (-73°C to +163°C). Model 320C52 has a frequency range from 1kHz to 10kHz (±5%) and Model 320C53 has a frequency range from 1Hz to 5,000Hz (±5%). A single pole low pass filter, with a corner frequency set to =20kHz, is incorporated into each model which reduces the potential for saturation or clipping. These features make them ideal for general flight testing, HALT/HASS/ESS with high random vibration input, and automotive powertrain vibration testing.

Built-in ICP microelectronics provide a low noise, low impedance output signal capable of being transmitted over cable lengths of hundreds of feet. Any ICP signal conditioner or data acquisition system that incorporates an ICP constant current excitation can be used to power the accelerometers.