Single, double acting hydraulic clamping

Single, double acting hydraulic clamping

December 1, 2017

Kurt Manufacturing - Industrial Division

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Kurt Manufacturing Co.’s KHU6 hydraulic unit comes ready with both single and double acting capabilities, providing a convenient option to the users’ preferred clamping method. The single-acting method uses hydraulic clamping and spring return for unclamping. Double-acting capability uses hydraulics to clamp and unclamp for faster, more precise setup.

Switching between single and double acting only requires switching out the brass breather fitting with the supplied hydraulic fitting. The KHU6 is available as a retrofit for existing vises and will come standard on all Kurt 6" hydraulic vises for the HDH690, HDH691, 3600H, 3610H, 3630H, XL6H, and XL6HR models.

The KHU6 hydraulic unit uses 3,200psi operating pressure which provides a 0.25" stroke and 7,200 lb of clamping force. Clamping consistency and improved part quality are benefits of hydraulic vise actuation. Clamping speed is also faster than manually closing and opening vise jaws and can save hundreds of hours during a year.

The KHU6 hydraulic unit is a direct replacement for 36BHU hydraulic which has been removed as replacement and as originally offered in many Kurt 6" vises.