Pump for hydraulic vises

Pump for hydraulic vises

May 10, 2017

Kurt Manufacturing Co.

Hydraulics/Pneumatics Toolholding/Workholding

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Kurt’s KHP3 hydraulic pump is powered by normal shop air versus an electric motor. The pump uses 30psi to100psi input pressure and sustains up to 4,000psi of constant pressure for use with all Kurt hydraulic vises.

The KHP3 pump uses an internal load-limiting valve for protection against overload, a common problem with other hydraulic pumps. The special load-limiting valve allows the piston mechanism to cycle automatically when the systems ask for hydraulic flow at low pressures. This performance-on-demand feature keeps the pump pressurized and ready to give hydraulic flow whenever it is needed.

To help achieve reduced noise levels, the KHP3 pump is equipped with an air exhaust muffler and provides quiet operation. The pump has far less noise than comparable motor driven pumps.

The foot-print of the pump is 6" x 8" for easy location next to the vise or workholding setup. Each KHP3 pump kit comes with all the necessary fittings, oil, and choice of foot switch or hand switch.