Metric size, rapid release pins

Metric size, rapid release pins

October 9, 2017

J.W. Winco

New Berlin, Wisconsin – J.W. Winco Inc. now offers GN 214.2 metric size, rapid release pins with plastic push button, steel shank, securing pins, and pull ring.

The RoHS compliant rapid release pins are used for quick assembly, connecting, and locking of various jig and fixture systems. This version with the swiveling pull ring can be used in confined spaces.

A typical application is locating pins that must be removed and re-placed frequently. Pressing the button can retract the two securing pins; when it is released, the pins will once again return to the secure position. The rectangular shape of the stainless-steel securing pins creates a linear contact area that increases axial shear strength.

The release pin shaft is made from steel and zinc plated, with a blue passivated finish, securing pins and spring are both stainless steel, push button and slide are made of plastic, heat resistant to 176°F (80°C).