70-space tool magazine for grinding machines

70-space tool magazine for grinding machines

June 12, 2017

Haas Multigrind LLC

Automation Grinding/Abrasives

Haas Schleifmaschinen GmbH has developed a tool magazine with space for 70 grinding wheels and 20 coolant nozzles for use with its Multigrind CA and CB grinding machines, transforming Haas grinding centers into self-equipping production units.

The double-wheel changer of the Multigrind CB already holds 12 grinding wheels, each with a diameter of 300mm. Users can equip the double-wheel pickup changer of the Multigrind CA with up to 14 grinding wheels, each with a diameter of 250mm. 

“That’s enough for most applications,” says Dirk Wember, CEO of the grinding machine manufacturer based in Trossingen, Germany. “But a manufacturer that wants to take advantage of all the opportunities provided by Industry 4.0 with full data integration requires a grinding machine that works like an automated, self-controlling, and self-equipping production unit that can operate unmanned in multi-shift operations.”

Grinding wheels and milling cutters are stored inside the tool magazine and incorporated into the Haas Multigrind Horizon grinding software. Blanks and finished workpieces are stored in the robot cell and automatically loaded and unloaded by the robot. Process-relevant production data can be transmitted to a production planning system, giving the customer an overview of the production status at all times. 

In combination with the Multigrind CB grinding machine, the new Haas tool magazine (2,000mm × 2,400mm × 3,200mm, offers space for 65 grinding wheels, each with a diameter of 300mm. When used with the Multigrind CA grinding machine, the shelf magazine can be equipped with up to 70 grinding wheels, each with a diameter of 250mm. The magazine can also hold up to 20 coolant nozzles. 

The tool magazine’s linear handling axes – responsible for transporting grinding wheels and coolant nozzles – offer a speed of 60m/min and acceleration of 5m/s2. It takes 10 seconds to change the tool. A safety door protects the tool magazine from oil mist in the workspace.