CNC grit blaster

CNC grit blaster

October 3, 2017

Guyson Corp.

Guyson’s multi-axis CNC grit blaster was designed for a prep-prior-to-coat application in the aerospace industry. The heart of the system is the blast manipulation with 4-axis controls directed by a Siemens CNC system and roof-mounted 2-axis cartesian gantry with table positional capability of 0° to 360°.

The transfer cart brings the parts to the blast enclosure where 3-axis traverse is mounted with four suction guns that continuously blasts the part. The cabinet is equipped with a single, vertical servo-driven spindle that serves as the fourth axis for the system when paired with the traverse. Maximum media delivery is provided by a gun design and metering system.

Multiple, strategically placed E-stop buttons are placed around the entire machine. A vertically mounted area scanner and two-sided safety cage inhibit access to cart and door when in motion. The unit is equipped with an Allen-Bradley CR30 software programmable safety control.