300GMSL multi-sensor gear inspection system

300GMSL multi-sensor gear inspection system

April 13, 2017

Gleason Corporation


Rochester, New York – The 300GMSL multi-sensor gear inspection system provides the classic tactile probing methods for inspecting conventional gear data on spur and helical cylindrical gears as well as straight, spiral and hypoid bevel gears with a diameter of up to 300mm. In addition, the new inspection system allows non-contact laser sensor scanning of tooth flanks to support gear development. Complete topography data can be recorded far more rapidly than with conventional tactile probing, with comparable results.

The integration of laser scanning and associated 3D graphics with CAD interface expand both the functionality and the range of applications for this machine platform. The new option makes the 300GMSLa solution for research and development applications, for both prototype and production parts or when reverse engineering is required. The 300GMSL Inspection System is also a fit for rapid measurement of topography in regular production operation and satisfies the increasingly stringent requirements on gear inspection. Compliant, soft materials (such as plastic gears, for example) can be inspected without sustaining damage.

Further options such as surface finish measurement or Barkhausen noise analysis to inspect grind burn; reduce operating costs, annual maintenance, certification costs and space requirements by offering multiple technologies on a single machine platform.