Sigmascope SMP350

Sigmascope SMP350

March 10, 2017

Paul N. Gardner Company Inc.
Materials Quality/Metrology

Pompano Beach, Florida – Electrical conductivity is an important material property that provides information not only about a metal's ability to conduct electrical currents but also about its composition, micro structure and/or mechanical properties. Using the Sigmascope SMP350, it is easy and quick to determine the electrical conductivity with precision and accuracy.

The Sigmascope SMP350 measures the electrical conductivity using the phase-sensitive eddy current method, which is approved by both DIN EN 2004-1 and ASTM E 1004 for determining conductivity. This kind of signal evaluation allows for contact-free determination of a substrate's electrical conductivity, even under paint or plastic coatings up to 500µm thick. This method also minimizes the influence of surface roughness.

The SMP350 can measure the electrical conductivity of any non-magnetic metal. Since the electrical conductivity provides data about other material properties, it is effective in a wide range of measuring applications and fields of use, including:

  • Quality assurance, sorting of raw materials
  • Authenticating of coin alloys
  • Assessing hardness and strength of heat-treated materials
  • Inspecting for heat damage, material fatigue, cracks
  • Estimating the phosphorous content in copper
  • Tracking precipitation processes, e.g. for Cu-Cr alloys
  • Testing the homogeneity of alloys

Source: Paul N. Gardner Co. Inc.