Rotary tables, indexers, trunnion products

Rotary tables, indexers, trunnion products

February 28, 2018

Motion Control Toolholding/Workholding

Traverse City, Michigan – Workholding solutions provider Forkardt now offers rotary tables, indexers, and trunnion products. These new offerings match the quality manufacturing standards to improve efficiency and add capabilities.

Solutions offer increased productivity with innovative capabilities and features. Advanced technology can accommodate all standard tooling without an adapter, improving accuracy and repeatability. The robust spindle design can also handle multiple part setups and heavy loads with ease.

Precision gear sets consist of an aluminum bronze gear and a hardened and ground steel worm for longer life and load carrying ability. The fast clamp-and-release system on most models increases efficiency while maintaining rigidity.

The systems are designed with increased spindle clearance and better tool accessibility. They also have options for travel limits to reduce the risk of damaging parts and tooling. Diagnostic capabilities have expanded to allow for faster troubleshooting and part program debugging.