Motion Terminal VTEM

Motion Terminal VTEM

April 21, 2017

Festo Corp.
Hydraulics/Pneumatics Motion Control

Hauppauge, New York – The Festo Motion Terminal VTEM (Versatile Time Domain Electro-Magnetics) has apps that can replace more than 50 individual components.

Piezo technology, integrated stroke and pressure sensors, together with control via motion apps will transform a pneumatic product into an Industry 4.0 component and enable flexible production. Changes in pneumatic functions and adaptations to new formats are controlled via apps by changing parameters. The integrated intelligent sensors for control, diagnostics, and self-learning tasks will eliminate the need for additional components.

When the VTEM is launched, 10 functions will be available via motion apps: from basic modification of the directional control valve functions to energy-efficient motion, and from proportional behavior to different motion profiles using valve hardware for everything.

Assigning functions via software has the added benefit of protecting against tampering and protecting know-how, since it is not possible to tell from the outside which functions the valves are executing.

The specially developed motion apps as well as the leakage diagnostic function save energy during operation. A digitally selected pressure can limit the pneumatic force to the level required for the application. This enables savings of up to 70% compared with standard operation, depending on the application. One controller can control up to eight movements with the VTEM. Energy consumption is also reduced, and the required installation space is decreased by up to 65%.