Educational webinars, aerospace components

Educational and informative topics to help you continue advancing the manufacture and design of aerospace parts and components.

Enemies of Precision Measurement: Searching for Lost Microns
Listen to this archived free webinar from Aug. 29, 2017, presented by Mahr Inc.’s George Schuetz and learn: what is the measurement process, the difference between measuring and gaging, how to select the right measuring solution, and how to identify the enemies of precision measurement.

Additive Manufacturing for Composite Tooling
Additively manufactured composites offer advantages that include greater design flexibility, decreased costs, and production efficiency. Listen as Tim Schniepp, Stratasys business development director for composite tooling, explains the benefits and capabilities of fused deposition modeling (FDM) composite tooling, including examples of customers who successfully use this application.

Understanding the impacts of disruptive technologies
Watch the archived version of this webinar to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of how significant innovative and disruptive technologies will affect your daily operations, what steps you can take today to understand and react to them, and how you can balance the hype of emerging disruptive technologies, to gain the greatest benefits and how best to transform your business and be better prepared for future growth. 

Fast, On-Demand Jig and Fixture Production Webinar
In this archived webinar you’ll see how Stratasys PolyJet technology makes jig and fixture production easier and faster than conventional methods, allowing you to make and use more of them.

Drone Manufacturer Uses 3D Printing to Provide a Wide Range of Application-Focused Drones - Archived webinar of May 25, 2016, with presenters Nate Newman of Monarch and Jeff Paquette of Stratasys, moderated by Eric Brothers.

The Impact of Social Enterprise Collaboration in Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing - Archived webinar of Feb. 17, 2016, with presenter Kathie Poindexter of Epicor Software Corp., moderated by Eric Brothers.

Advanced Materials for 3D printing in the Aerospace Industry – Archived webinar of Oct 27, 2015, with presenter Alissa Wild, moderated by Eric Brothers.

3D Printing for the Aerospace Industry – Archived webinar of July 9, 2015, with presenter Fred Herman, moderated by Eric Brothers.

Technical competence and supply chain confidence: Choosing the right partners for critical aerospace systems – Did you know that 85% of those outsourcing in the aerospace industry select technical expertise as the most important supplier capability? Watch the Sparton sponsored webinar to learn more.