UAS to Be Tested in Mid-Atlantic Region

Marks a Step Forward to Integrating UAS in the National Airspace

November 16, 2012
Manufacturing Group
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Unmanned aerial systems are getting a testing site.

The governors of Virginia, New Jersey, and Maryland are working with the newly-formed Mid-Atlantic Unmanned Aerial System Coalition to build a test site in the region, according to a press release from the coalition.

The agreement a step forward for efficient and effective testing and integration.

Earlier this year, Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act and FAA Modernization and Reform Act, authorizing the FAA to work with the Secretary of Defense, NASA, and others to intergrate UAS in the national airspace.

Matt Scassero, executive director of the MAUASC says the future of the market depends potential commercial users.

“A sector that will be a crucial part of our strategy now and going forward is our industry partners,” Scassero says.  “Industry is poised to make that leap, and we want to include them in our progress.”