High-Accuracy, 3D Vision Measuring Machine

Mitutoyo's Quick Vision WLI eliminates the need to move a workpiece from one type of machine to another.

October 12, 2012
Manufacturing Group
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Officials at Mitutoyo America Corporation announce the release of the new Quick Vision WLI vision measuring machine.  Besides an optical vision head, the Quick Vision WLI also incorporates a white light interferometer (WLI) head. Together these heads enable high accuracy performance of non-contact vision plus non-contact 3D measurement of high aspect-ratio minute form functions in a single machine, eliminating the need to move a workpiece from one type of machine to another.

As a result, the Quick Vision WLI offers a significant throughput improvement for non-contact measurement of items combining both 2D and minute form 3D features in a single workpiece – example subjects could include IC chips and packages, hybrid chassis, lead frames, and many types of precision machined and molded parts. 

The Quick Vision WLI interferometer head splits a beam of white light in two; one beam goes towards a reference mirror and the other beam goes to the workpiece.  As the reference objective is moved along the Z-axis, a white “interference ring” is observed on the focus point; analysis of this ring makes it possible to determine the 3D shape of the feature under observation.

The Quick Vision WLI performs 2D and 3D form evaluation using Mitutoyo FORMPAK-QV/FORMTRACEPAK-PRO software that features a refined, intuitive GUI.  Results can be displayed in 2D and 3D graphics for easy interpretation; a variety of editing and control tools are standard.

In addition, new Quick Vision WLI 2D/3D non-contact measuring machines can support output to measurement data applications such as MeasurLink, Mitutoyo’s proprietary statistical-processing and process-control program which performs statistical analysis and provides real-time display of measurement results for SPC applications.  The program can also be linked to a higher-level network environment for enterprise-wide functionality.