World's Largest Aircraft Targets 2017 Test Launch

World's Largest Aircraft Targets 2017 Test Launch

Wingspan Longer than a Football Field

December 28, 2012
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With a wingspan longer than a football field, the world’s largest aircraft is still set for a 2017 test launch, despite undergoing a major change.

Stratolaunch Systems which is funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, is developing the aircraft to carry rockets that would launch satellite in the sky. Officials say it might one day carry people, too.

The company recently ended its partnership with SpaceX, according to Florida Today. SpaceX dropped out of contributing a smaller version of its Falcon 9 rocket, after deciding the project would disrupt its production lines.

According to Florida Today, Stratolaunch is now working with Orbital Sciences Corp., planning a test launch for 2017 from the Kennedy Space Center.

The Center, especially its three-mile-wide runway, is ideal for early flights, though other sites may be considered.