Elbit Systems to Upgrade Israel Air Force Aircraft

The modernization project will extend the aircrafts' capabilities, particularly in precision flying, among other improvements..

December 26, 2012
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The Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD) has awarded Elbit Systems Ltd. a contract to upgrade the Israeli Air Force's (IAF) C-130H (Hercules) transport aircraft.

Elbit Systems did not disclose the contract value.

The modernization project will extend the operational life of the aircraft and significantly improve its operational capability, particularly in precision flying, low-level night flight, and operations in adverse weather. The modernization will contribute to improved flight safety and reduce operating costs, by introducing cutting-edge digital systems to replace obsolete analog systems that have become unreliable and costly to maintain after four decades of intensive service with the IAF.

Yoram Shmuely co-general-manager, Elbit Systems Aerospace Division's, says, "We are very pleased to perform this project. The proposed upgrade utilizes systems, subsystems and applications being deployed on the most advanced platforms and military and civil upgrade programs in order to meet current operational needs and enable integration of future operational and technology capabilities."