Gray Eagle Soars Toward Full Production

The MQ-1C Gray Eagle unmanned aircraft is nearing completion of a Beyond Low-Rate Initial Production Report.

February 15, 2013
Manufacturing Group
Assembly Electrical/Electronic Industry News

“It’s been a busy year for the Gray Eagle program,” Unmanned Aircraft Systems project manager Col. Tim Baxter says during a teleconference. “Results out of initial testing confirm that the platform and system is close to meeting our reliability requirements. The second Gray Eagle company is preparing to deploy now, so it’s on track, and an advance party is already in theater.”

But while the IOTE report deemed the program effective, several recommendations were made, including maturing tactics, techniques and procedures or TTPs; improving training; and maturing manned-unmanned teaming or MUMT.

Those recommendations, therefore, have been the focus of the program as it works toward an April Defense Acquisition Board Full Rate Production Decision.

“As we learn more about the TTPs and how they want to fight using MUMT, we’re rolling that in,” deputy project manager Rich Kretzschmar says.

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