Making a Difference for 50 Years

Although 50 years have passed since SCT first opened its doors, the company’s fundamental reasons for being in business have not changed.

February 13, 2013
Manufacturing Group
Industry News Tooling/Cutting

Over the years, SCT has developed new tool lines and refined the existing ones. SCT’s aggressive research and development department also has the capability of developing specialized cutting tools for specific customer projects. SCT tool designers can also modify existing stock tools to meet individual customer needs.

Although 50 years have passed since SCT first opened its doors, the company’s fundamental reasons for being in business have not changed from those that were first established by company founder Stan Christopher. Today’s commitment to quality control, unparalleled craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction are the attributes that set the people of Scientific Cutting Tools above the competition.

Adopting a company philosophy of “pride in our people means pride in workmanship,” has proven to be the spark that has ignited Scientific Cutting Tools’ ability to provide the best value in the industry. By continually out-pacing the competition, responding to rapidly changing cutting tool design technology, and meeting customer demand for high quality cutting tools, SCT has been able to keep this pledge to its customers.

SCT has an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of an extensive line of cutting tools including thread mills, port tools, cavity tools, indexable and solid carbide boring bars, threading tools, groove tools, and more. All tools are stocked in both uncoated and coated (ALTiN+) versions. All carbide used must pass stringent quality tests. SCT only purchases premium grade submicron carbide because it produces a tough, long-lasting surface that resists chipping and cracking, while maintaining superior abrasion resistance. This assures precise, quality performance each time a SCT tool is used. While premium submicron carbide is more expensive than inferior grades, SCT’s cutting edge technology in cutting tool manufacturing has allowed the forward-thinking company to produce top-end cutting tools at competitive market prices.

SCT has consistently invested in the latest CNC tool and cutter grinders, CNC vertical machining centers and CNC turning centers. Laser marking, video inspection equipment, CNC cylindrical grinders and highly trained employees also play a part in the SCT strategy of providing “best value” in the industry. Continual, on-going research in cutting tool design and testing will continue to be part of our culture.

Scientific Cutting Tools will continue to position itself to be the cutting edge of tomorrow’s product design while still offering competitively priced products. The goal of delivering superior quality tools backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee is SCT’s commitment. SCT extends this challenge to any manufacturer who uses thread mills, port tools, cavity tools, indexable boring bars, solid carbide boring, grooving or threading tools: “Just try any one of SCT’s quality crafted cutting tools on your next job and see what a difference it will make.”